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ColorDrop DTF M60 4 head Printer Combo

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ColorDrop DTF M60 Printer Combo

The Future of DTF is Here!

  • Prints up to 300 full chest prints per hour
  • 26" width Prints 2 ea 12x12 with no wasted media
  • 4 Epson Print heads CMYK+W configuration
  • Maximum Productivity per sqft of floor space
  • SAI Think FLEXI RIP version 22 
  • Start-Up Supply Kit INCLUDED
  • Shaker Dryer High Production combo
  • Auto powder return using an auger system
  • Strong cooling fans at output
  • One year warranty Printer
  • 6 month warranty of printheads

Color Drop DTF M70 26" width

Print 2 ea 12" prints side by side on 26" width media for blazing fast speeds and minimal waste.

The Color Drop M Series printer fundamentally simplifies and speeds up all aspects of the direct-to-film printing process.

Reduce labor when printing shirts:

  • No need to burn screens or store gallons of ink
  • No need to pretreat your garments
  • Print on cotton, polyester, blends, and nylons
  • 4 print heads
  • CMYK+W Ink configuration

Purchase includes the following

  • Printer with 4 Epson i3200 print heads
  • Powder applicator and dryer
  • Supply Starter kit
  • SAI Think FLEXI RIP version 22 
  • Hosonsoft Print Driver software 
  • Installation and training 
  • One-year warranty on printer, Parts and labor, doesn't include travel
  • 6-month warranty on print heads. Doesn't cover head strikes.

Offers manual speed control of white ink agitator and white ink circulation during production. This reduces pigment dropout during production for the brightest white

The software allows the operator to increase the amount of white being printed for more dense coverage

Shaker, Dryer Combo key features

  • Auto powder return using an auger system
  • M70 and M130 have a heated table that transfers the film from printer to dryer
  • Photoelectric sensor that recognizes film depth and activates the conveyor belt and take up roller
  • Polyethylene shaker that removes excess powder from transfer and unprinted film
  • Conveyor belt through oven
  • Vacuum table to hold film to conveyor belt – next generation you will be able to control the vacuum pressure
  • Strong cooling fans at end of dryer
  • Take up roller that works in conjunction with the conveyor belt movement – dictated by film sensor


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