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Water Resistant Emulsion

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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: CBX5000
  • - Water Resistant Photo Polymer Emulsion
  • - Use with Waterbased, Discharge or Plastisol Ink
  • - Availability: In Stock

FREE Exposure Calculator w/ Directions.PDF:

Safety Data Sheet:

Water Resistant Screen print Photo Emulsion    

  • Premium Water Resistant Photo Polymer Emulsion w/ diazo
  • Wide exposure latitude makes getting the perfect exposure easier.
  • Works Great with wide range of light sources.
  • Excellent for waterbased, discharge ink & plastisol
  • Quick degrading, emulsion solids don't clog filters and are sewer safe 


Product Description

Water Resistant Blue has been formulated as a Hi Resolution emulsion for use with Water based, Discharge and Plastisol inks. Medium Viscosity provides smooth even coating with excellent bridging and edge definition.


Shelf life: 12 Months

High Solids: 42% Allows high definition and long-lasting durable stencils.

Viscosity: 15,0000 CPS - Medium Viscosity

Extremely durable: Yet Very easy to reclaim Long Life

Recommended Inks : Water-based, Discharge & Plastisol inks.

Sensitizer: Mix Diazo with 1 ounce of warm water, and mix thoroughly before adding to the emulsion.

Handling: Handle under yellow lights. Avoid UV exposure, sunlight, fluorescent lighting, overhead lights, etc.

Mesh Preparation:

It is very important to remove all contamination, residual inks, cleaning chemistry, or general dirt and dust. 

ECO5000 TKO Ink & Stain Remover will remove residual ink and/or emulsion.

SCP623 Screen Degreaser will help eliminate any further contaminants. Completely dry the screen before coating.

Coating: Use a clean dry coating trough that has a nick-free surface for smooth coating.

•  Apply one or two coats of emulsion to the print side. Rotate the frame 180 degrees and apply one or two coats of emulsion to the squeegee side.

•  Additional coats may be added to the print side if thicker stencils are required.

Dry the coated screen horizontally with the print side down in a clean light safe area. The following will help to ensure complete drying:

•  86° to 104° degrees

•  30% to 50% relative humidity

•  Good air circulation

The use of a screen drying cabinet with heated airflow can help in maintaining these conditions.


Clean the film positives and vacuum frame glass prior to exposure to minimize pinholes.

Exposure is affected by mesh color, emulsion type, coating thickness, lamp type and the age of the bulb itself.

For best results use an exposure calculator to determine the correct exposure time.

Note: The use of film positives that are either frosted or have weak black density can reduce the resolution and definition qualities of the coated screen.

Exposure Times


White Mesh

Yellow Mesh


4 minutes

8 min


120 second

180 second


40 second

60 second

5kw Metal

25 second

50 second


Washout Image Area: 

Gently spray both sides of the screen with cold to lukewarm water, wait a few seconds to allow the emulsion to soften then wash the print side of the screen until an image is fully open.

Rinse both sides thoroughly and dry.

The use of a drying cabinet or fans is recommended to dry the screen. 

Use a pressure washer on fan spray for developing the screen.


Use ECO2770 Ink Degrader or ECO5000 TKO One Step Ink Degrader & Emulsion Remover to remove all excess ink from the frame.

Remove the emulsion with SCP625 Ready to Use emulsion remover or SCP650 Concentrated emulsion remover in a dip tank.

Use ECO3000 Stain Remover to remove haze and ghost if required.

Degrease with SCP623, rinse both sides thoroughly and let dry.


Store the emulsion in a cool dry area. Un-opened emulsion has a minimal shelf life of at least one year when stored at room temperature.
Use Dual Cure emulsion within 6 to 8 weeks after adding diazo for best results.
Coated screens may be stored for up to one month when kept under the following conditions.
•  59° to 77° degrees F 
•  30% to 50% relative humidity

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