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Vividia Handheld Digital Microscope

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Vividia Microscope

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The Vividia 3R-500UV Portable Handheld Digital Microscope has 3.5" LCD screen, up to 200x magnification, both white and UV LED lights, and 5MP sensors. Images and videos are saved on SD cards, and the microscope can be used on a PC through USB cable connection and included software. Vividia 3R-500UV are widely used in printing, forensic science, education, medical, manufacturing, electronics, hobby etc.


  • Small, light, and portable
  • High definition images, 5MP and clear images
  • Magnification from 10x to 200x. With digital zoom to ~800x
  • Switchable white LED lights and UV LED lights 
  • Simple scale can be showed on LCD screen to assist measurement
  • Can be used on PC with USB connection and included measurement application software
  • Take photos and record videos and stored on SD card
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