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VIP Private One Day Class

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VIP Class
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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: VIP 1 Day Pro Workshop
  • - Value: Up to 7X more hands on training.
  • - Flexible: We strive to schedule class around your schedule.
  • - Private: 1 to 4 people from your shop
  • - Learn YOUR choice, Any one of the 3 Main Types, Vector, Sim Process or 4 Color Process
  • - Highest Rated Training Center in the USA
  • - 80% Hands On Class
  • - Worth the trip: Students from 40 states in USA

V.I.P. ONE DAY Private Class

(Your choice of Day One, Two or Day Three Course- this doesn't cover ALL 3 topics. Please see, Three Day Private Class)

Prefer one on one training, a private class just for your people, up to 7X more hands-on practice versus a regular class. More opportunities for you to practice your new skills and even make mistakes, so we can discuss the variables that caused the problem.  

You get YOUR Choice of Any ONE of the 3 Intensive Hands on printing workshops, Day One, Two and Three in this exciting V.I.P. Private Class

VIP Workshop and is for 1 to 4 people from your company.

Control the Variables, Control the Print. Each day, we learn to print wet on wet from Vector, high resolution simulated process to 4 color process. Class is from 9 am to 5 pm each day and includes continental breakfast and lunch.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as this is an Intensive Hands On Workshop. You will be doing EVERY Facet of Screen Printing onto All these Different Substrates Yourself!




Your choice of the following Classes.
Sorry, we can ONLY cover 1 day's topic in a 1-day class.

Day One

101 Introduction to Screen Printing onto white shirts

$ Learn to print Wet on Wet onto white t-shirts
$ Creating a Basic Film Positive
$ Most Common Mesh Counts
$ Step to Properly Prep a Screen
$ Coating a Screen by hand with Emulsion
$ Exposing a Screen
$ Washing out a Screen
$ Taping up a Screen
$ Setting up the Screen On Press
$ Proper use of Adhesive
$ Tips & Tricks for Loading a Shirt on the Platen
$ "PUSH" Squeegee Stroke
$ Printing Tips & Tricks
$ Curing Plastisol Ink
$ Cleaning Up On Press
$ Reclaiming the Screen

** Take home 2 white t-shirts printed with a multi color vector image with YOUR own hands! **

Day Two

201 Dark Shirts
$ Learn to print Wet on Wet onto underbase white on dark shirts
$ Vector and 60 LPI Halftone Designs
$ Coating a screen with Wall Mount Screen Coater
$ Exposing Under base Screen
$ Exposing Halftone Screens
$ Setting Up
$ Registration - Manual vs Micro
$ Off Contact - Adjusting and why its important
$ Mesh Selection
$ "PULL" Squeegee Stroke
$ Printing Tips & Tricks
$ Flash Curing - Controlling the Temp / Time variables
$ Testing for Proper Cure

BONUS: Classroom Discussion In's and Out's of Transfer and Discharge printing.

** Take home 2 Black T-shirts printed with Your own hands**

Day Three
301 Four Color Process Printing Plus Troubleshooting & Technology
$ Coating a Screen with Semi-Automatic Screen Coater
$ Exposing 4 Color process system
$ Developing 4 color halftone
$ Mesh Selection for LPI
$ Printing Parameters - Mesh Selection, Off Contact & Color Density
Also, Printing a 4 color process design onto white T-Shirts.

New Day 3 Bonus Technology Section
* How to use and read an Exposure Calculator
* What is RIP Software
* Different types of All Black Ink systems
* Examine 12 shirts, good, bad and ugly prints and what caused them to be. 

** Take home 2 white t-shirts printed with a 60 lpi 4 color process image with YOUR own hands! **
** All tickets are Non-Refundable, for emergencies you can reschedule to a future date**

Unedited Quote about our 1 Day VIP Class from Google Reviews

We’ve been printing for 10 years, we decided to bring the whole team to a private class… I can’t think of a better way to spend our money. Our whole team worked together and got another perspective. I would recommend every screen printer do the class!

Unedited Quote about our 3 Day VIP Class from Facebook Reviews

"I have owned a professional merchandise and screen printing company for more than seven years. As the owner and principal decision maker of Brynnco, it’s sometimes difficult to constantly perfect your craft and run your business simultaneously. As difficult as it is, the three days that I’ve spent with Brian at Kolar Matrix have not only reaffirmed that both are possible, but that both are doable.
The Screen Print Training class offers by Koloa Matrix provides so much more than “screen print training.” It is hands on, it is informative, it is constructive, it is educational, but most of all, it is FUN and Brian is FUNNY!
Brian is the master of fundamentals.
Our experience here at Kolor Matrix has not only solidified our future in the screen printing industry, but it has awarded us the ability to build a future working relationship with a respected industry brand…Kolor Matrix.
Thanks, Brian!"
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Location 4345 commerce dr sw, suite B, Atlanta GA 30336
Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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