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Vastex F1000 18" x 18" Flash Cure

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Vastex F1000 18" x 18" Flash Cure
Check out the F1000 in our Atlanta Showroom

High wattage and close coil density heater, for greater heater surface consistency.

Powerful heaters with built-in heat shields allow Vastex flashes to be set closer to your garment, which increases efficiency and productivity.

Available in 120V or 240V models

  • 15 Year Heater Warranty
  • 1,950 Watt IR Heater
  • Heat control with power lights
  • Heavy duty side handles and locking wheels
  • Head leveler to adjust the heater parallel
    to the pallet
  • Heat shields for even heater temperature

Optional Plug adapter, allows the flash cure to be plugged into a standard outlet. It doesn't guarantee that it wont trip a breaker or run at full power, depending on the size of the breaker and anything else running on that same breaker or outlet

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Location 4345 Commerce dr sw atlanta ga 30336
Manufacturer Vastex International
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