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Saati Remove ER6 Ink & Emulsion Remover for Dip Tank 8/1 concentrate

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Remove ER6

Saati Gelative ER6 Emulsion Remover

Gel additive for use alone or with Remove ER6 to make a one-step ink and emulsion remover system.

  • Produces clear stable gel when mixed with Remove ER6
  • Removes ink and emulsion in one easy step
  • Works with all photoemulsions and capillary films
  • Strong cleaning power to minimize ghost image
  • Clings to screen for maximum efficiency
  • Recommended use with or without a dip tank

SAATIchem Remove ER6 Ink & Emulsion Remover

Versatile One-step ink/emulsion combo remover for manual and automatic cleaning

  • Effectively cleans all types of textile inks and emulsions
  • Easy to use one step ink and emulsion remover with low odor
  • Suitable for manual and automatic cleaning
  • Can be spray applied
  • Can also be diluted for dip tank use
  • Can also be thickened with Gelative for use as 'dip tank in a bottle'
  • Can also be mixed with Remove IR18 and used as one-step remover for UV cured and two part Epoxy as well as textile inks
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