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Pattern Vinyl

FDC Thermal Advantage: 9201, 9202 and 9203 Pattern    

FDC's collection of patterned heat transfer films are a great way for designers to add some spice to their designs. Designers, graphic manufacturers and crafters can use an array of camouflage, animal prints and geometric patterns for decorative graphics on garments.

FABRICS:  100 percent cotton, 100 percent polyester and poly/cotton blends.


Installation Temperature: 315 F
Installation Dwell Time: 15 seconds
Installation Pressure: Medium
Peel: Cold


Film Technology: Polyurethane
Film Thickness: 2.4 mil.
Finish: Matte
Blockout: Yes
Adhesive / color: Permanent / Clear
Liner: Pressure Sensitive

Computer Cut: Yes    
Steel Rule: Yes    
Flat Bed: Yes    
Sheetable: Yes    
Laminate: N/A
Shelf Life: 1 year
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