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V1000 6 Color 1 station Table Top Start Up Package

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  • - Brand: Vastex International
  • - Product Code: V1000-6 color 1 station Table Top Start Up Pkg
  • - Availability: In Stock

V1000 6 Color / 1 station Table Top Start Up Package

* V1000 1 Station / 6 Color Table Top Press with Micro Registration & rubber top steel pallet

(Press grows with your business, expands to V1000 4/4 or 6/6 Free standing press)

* F100 16"x16" Flash with rotating stand -120V

* D100 18" x 4' Conveyor Dryer with adjustable belt speed and temp

* E20 LED Table Exposure unit with timer, max screen 20"x24"

Includes Supply package A

2 ea New Aluminum 20"x24" 110 or 155 Mesh Screens

1 ea Complete Squeegee 14"

1 ea Scoop Coater 15" to apply emulsion

4 ea Scrub pads

2 ea Ink Scoops

1 ea Solvent Resitant Blue Tape 2" wide roll

1 ea Flash Tac

1 ea Screen Opener

10 ea Water proof Inkjet Film 8.5" x 11" sheets

10 ea Water proof Inkjet Film 11" x17" sheets

1 ea Pink SBQ Emulsion Pint

1 ea Ink Degrader Pint

1 ea Emulsion Remover Pint

1 ea Haze Remover Pint

1 ea Degreaser Pint

1 ea HO/LB White Plastisol Ink Pint

1 ea Black Plastisol Ink Pint

1 ea National Red Plastisol Ink Pint

1 ea Light Royal Plastisol Ink Pint

1 ea Lemon Plastisol Ink Pint

1 ea Kelly Green Plastisol Ink Pint

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