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TRQ800 Low Cure HO/LB Mixing Base

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  • Product Code: TRQ 800
  • - Low Cure HO/LB Mixing Base
  • - Low Cure 280-320F for heat-sensitive substrates
  • - Flash: 220F
  • - High Opaque for printing on light & dark garments
  • - Low Bleed for printing on 100% Poly & Poly Blends
  • - Private Labeled Ultra Premium Inks
  • - Creamy Short body for easy printing
  • - Wet on Wet Printing
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TRQ Low Cure, High Opaque & Low Bleed Mixing Base

Use with premium pigment system to create custom colors using our TRQ Low cure, HO/LB base. Inks are formulated to cure at a lower temperature to minimize the opportunity for dye-migration, while also lowering energy consumption, lowering production space temperatures, and preventing shrinkage of heat-sensitive fabrics. But this is an ideal ink as it easily cures 280F to 320F for use on garments that are prone to bleed, as well as cotton and cotton blends. 

The new and improved TRQ low-cure inks are creamy with improved printability, offering a softer hand and a matte finish with an improved fiber mat-down. TRQ low cure, low bleed inks are designed for cotton/poly blends as well as 100% polyester.

Flash: 220F
Cure: 280-320F

This series offers multiple under-base options including:

Smooth LC HO/LB for faster flashing

Poly ICE LC HO/LB for high bleed substrates

Barrier Grey for dye-sublimated garments.

This flexible temperature range/high opacity series allows printers to lower dryer temperatures when the dye instability of the garment demands it, and affords the option to cure at standard temperatures when sharing a belt with garments coming off of other presses.

TRQ Inks, print so easily that you will find that a finer screen mesh can be used with the same opacity as a lower, more open mesh. This means less ink will be used; a lower your cost per print and a softer hand for your prints.

Caution: Adding any reducers or additives can lower bleed resistance, and opacity, or increase the cure times of ink. STIR the ink prior to printing on the press and after the addition of reducers or additives.

Always, Test dryer temperatures and wash test printed products before and during a production run. Cure time and temp changes with substrates, ink deposit and method curing.

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