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Transfer Adhesion Powder

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Transfer Adhesion Powder

Use with Screen Printing heat transfers

Use with DTF (Direct to Film) Heat Transfers


Transfer Adhesion Powder

For use with Screen printing or DTF (Direct to Film) Heat Transfers

Use when screen printing heat transfers on Nylon, Polyester, and Cap Transfers.


After printing the plastisol on heat transfer paper, apply adhesion powder as follows: Fill a rectangular tray with approximately 1/4" of adhesion Powder. Pass the transfer through the tray, print side up.

Adhesion powder will adhere to wet or semi-cured plastisol. Remove powder from the unprinted areas by vigorously shaking the transfer or gently blowing cool air across it. Light brushing with a soft brush (taking care not to smudge the printed image), may also be used.

Semi-cure or gel the ink. Transfer on a heat transfer press at temperatures compatible with the garment. If printing a multi-color transfer, the powder can be applied after all the colors are printed (it will stick well to the last wet color and fair to the cured colors) or after every color and cure in between just as you would for a regular heat transfer.


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