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Stretch Additive Plastisol

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  • - Product Code: ADV890
  • - Private Labeled Ultra Premium Inks
  • - Increased elongation of Ink
  • - Mix 3 Parts Ink to 1 Part Additive by weight
  • - Always test before production
  • - Availability: In Stock

Advantage Premium Stretch Additive can be added to Advantage, Super Advantage and Tourniquet plastisol ink. Recommended use by weight, 3 parts ink and 1 part additive.Testing should be done for dye migration or bleeding. Adding the additive to a low bleed ink does not guarantee bleed resistance.

Flash: Varies by ink
Cure: Varies by ink
Bleed Resistance : Varies by ink
Build Up : Low
Finish: Satin
Shelf Life: 24 months+
Substrates: 100% cotton, 50/50. cotton/ poly blends, some synthetics and some 100% Poly
Mesh Selection: Varies by ink
Tension: 15-20 acceptable, 25-35 recommended 
Squeegee: 70 or 70/90/70 durometer
Squeegee Pressure: Avoid excess pressure 
Squeegee speed: Medium to Fast
Curable Reducer: Add up to 5% to lower viscosity
Stencil: CBX7500 or CBX7700 recommended or any emulsion or capillary film.

WashUp: ECO3000 or ECO4440 or any ink degrader.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothes. Avoid breathing vapor or mist. Do NOT swallow. Consult SDS Safety Data Sheet.

FIRST AID: In case of contact, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. If symptoms are severe or persist, get medical attention.. If inhaled remove to fresh air, if breathing is difficult give oxygen and get medical attention.




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