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Saati Pro Coat 2536 Auto Emulsion Coater

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The Saati ProCoat 25x36 Dual Screen Auto Coater provides a meaningful solution for the small to medium shops that are interested in the benefits of automatic coating. Affordable and consistent quality can be accomplished with the Saati ProCoat. A PrePress operator will realize quickly that a consistent coated screen solves many of the day to day quality issues that make it to press. This machine is truly a plug and play workhorse.  

  • Double your standard size screen coating output and maximize consistency
  • Set a program and get repeatable stencils, which result in a more repeatable print


  • Coats two screens, simultaneously front and back. Ex. two 20x24, 23x31, or 25x36 at a time
  • Coats a single screen up to 42x50"
  • Simple coating trough attachment and carriage enclosed for safety
  • Set a program and get repeatable stencils, which result in a more repeatable print
  • Ideal for dual frames 25x36 or smaller.
  • Available in horizontal and vertical options
  • Easy to use touchscreen display
  • Belt driven for smooth maintenance-free operation
  • Single program capability - set dwell, coats, and speed per side
  • Motorized upper carriage.  Easy adjustment for different frame profiles
  • Foot pedal control of upper carriage and frame clamps for easy loading and unloading of screens
  • 110 volt, 20 amp
  • 90 psi less than 1 cfm
  • 6 month warranty


  • Size: 82" x 76" x 22"
  • Electrical: 110 volt, 20 amp
  • Air Pressure: 90 psi less than 1 cfm

Due to the unique construction of the Saati ProCoat machine, it is easily installed by the customer.  Simply connect an airline and plug in.  Easy operation with no assembly required. 

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