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Roughness Gauge - Rz Meter Pocket Surf III

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Rz Meter Pocket Surf III

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When your stencil roughness is dialed in, your edge definition will be optimized.

The Pocket Surf III Surface Meter is a pocket- sized, battery-operated roughness gauge for measuring stencil and substrate surface roughness parameters in Ra, Rmax and Rz with digital readout. The Pocket Surf III is solidly built with a durable cast aluminum housing for years of accurate surface measurements. Its digital display is conveniently located on top of the device for optimum visibility. 


  • General purpose probe with 0.0004”/10 micron radius
  • Offers three traverse lengths
  • Supplied with a certified reference specimen, riser plate battery and custom-fitted protective case
  • Easy-to-read LCD display presents the measured roughness values in microinches or micrometers
  • Out-of-range (high/low) and battery low warning signals
  • Serial output for Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Optional power transformer to replace battery operation


  • Economically priced
  • Fast and accurate; measurement produced within a half second of traversing the surface
  • Provides a measurable indicator of how efficiently the print side of the stencil controls edge definition
  • An acceptable Rz value assures proper gasketing of the stencil to the substrate, and controls the ink flow
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