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ROQ Your Press - 3 day Automatic Workshop

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ON SALE $695 per person ($995 List)

  • - 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • - 52 page course workbook
  • - Critical Variables in Pre-Press, On-Press & Post-Press
  • - Learn the 3 Main Types, Vector, Sim Process & 4 Color Process
  • - Minimize print defects and increase Print Quality
  • - Minimize downtime and increase Profitability
  • - $350,000 in classroom equipment
  • - Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews for the Training Center
  • - Worth the Trip- Students from 44 of the states in USA
  • - Also Students from Austria, Canada & Trinidad
  • - 60% Hands-On Class
  • - No Boring Lectures
  • - Non- Refundable
  • - PG-13 Occasional Adult Humor
  • - Availability: Limited to 12 people

ROQ Your Press 3 Day Automatic Screen Printing Workshop

(Want to attend for FREE? Join the ROQ team and get your new automatic with us and get one FREE seat in the class.)

100% Money Back Guarantee! The unconditional refund of the full purchase price paid will be refunded. At the end of the 1st day, if you don't feel you have already gotten your money's worth or this course isn't delivering up to your expectations. You can notify the instructor or if you prefer, just send us an email and do not attend the remaining days and we quickly refund the purchase price. 

Our immersive workshop for profitably producing garments on an automatic screenprinting press. From Pre-Press, On-Press to Post-Press, this course covers ALL the fundamental skills and variables that an automatic screen printer needs to master to take their shop to the Next Level.

This course is designed for the press operator to the production manager looking to minimize downtime and print defects while improving the quality of prints and boosting productivity by controlling the variables that contribute to day-to-day production headaches.

We cover industry standard practices to advanced techniques, in our state-of-the-art classroom with $350,000 in classroom equipment.

Not running a ROQ? No worries, most of the information, tools, features, etc. Are easily transferred from one brand of press to another.

During the 3 day course, we cover all the critical variables and how to utilize automation in Pre-press making screens, to set up and print more efficiently On Press, breakdown, and reclamation post-press to overall increase quality, plus troubleshooting to lower defects while minimizing downtime and ultimately increase profitability!

We will help your shop tackle creating bright smooth vivid images, in various forms, PFP, Wet on wet and wet on wet over UB on a variety of substrates. From various forms of Vector to high-end process graphics that 80% of textile screen printers struggle to do successfully.

Including, Pre-Press to Post- Press, as we print multiple designs

  • Bold Vector Images
  • Fashion detailed Vector Images
  • Simulated process at 80 lpi,
  • Tonal print at 100 lpi
  • 4 color process at 75lpi

Plus, mixed genres as we occasionally add specialty inks to prints.

Q& A Quick Links 

Daily Description    Equipment Used     Tools & Assc Used   Hotels Nearby

 Daily Descriptions


Fundamentals to bright and smooth vector images

Print Flash Print white on dark garments

Wet on Wet with and underbase on dark garments

Wet on wet on light garments

Overview of process

Primary Variables to control in Pre-press

*Hands-on Press Overview Functionality & Features

Mesh Variables

Standard VS “S” thread

Mesh Selection

Understanding Technical specs

Tension and its role in printing

* Walk thru Press features via Control panel

Setting up on press

Adjusting off contact

Squeegee - Speed, Angle, Pressure & stroke length / placement

Flood - Speed, Angle and Pressure & stroke length / placement

Difference between Hard and Soft flood

*Head Controls In-depth Functions


Understanding durometer and its impact

Single Durometer vs double and triple durometer

Pro‘s and Cons of Double Squeegee’s

Print with All types of squeegees to see differences

*Squeege & Flood install, remove, clean and fine-tune the settings


Comparison Micro Registration vs Pre-Registration system

Set up print using Micro Registration

*Print head controls for micro registration, off-contact

Adjusting Print Parameters

Print Order

Squeegee adjustments

Flood Bar adjustments


Types of Flash cures available

Setting base time and temp to match TDS of ink used

Adjusting Flash time for cold and hot pallets

Avoiding Overflash

Cooling Fan
*Flash Operation and controls, plus control panel of flash for cold and hot platens

Smoothing Screen

What is it?

How and when to use it for best results

Set up job with smoothing screen

Screen print 3 Vector image jobs on Volt automatic

Wet on wet onto light substrate

Print Flash Print onto dark garment

Wet on wet over a flashed underbase

*Hands-on practice setting up, registering, printing, flashing, curing and tearing down of 3 jobs

Day Two

Screenprinting High-Resolution 80 lpi Images

Simulated Process - wet on wet with and without a flashed UB

Overview of process

Primary Variable to control On press

Difference between Sim & 4 color process

Variable to control to avoid dot gain and dot distortion

Moire pattern and how to avoid it

Variables to control color gamut on press

How to avoid and correct color shift

Speed Up Pre-Press

Coating Room

Understanding the technical aspects of emulsion

Manual vs automatic screen coating

EOM and its impact

Minimizing RZ value

Discuss variables in coating manual

Humidity and its hidden headaches

Demonstrate Coating Screen with Fully Automatic Screen Coater

Expose screens using ARME Pre-registration system

Cube Screen drying Cabinet

Pre-Press Environment 

*Controls, features, benefits plus hands-on use


Preferred dot shapes

Frequency and its impact

Exposure calculator and its critical role in high-resolution screen making

Critical Job information to include on Film positives

Mesh selection

Measuring to control variables

Measuring Emulsion over mesh - Use a Positector to measure EOM

Measuring humidity - TQM Aqua check to measure humidity in emulsion stencil

Measuring screen tension—use a tension meter


Setup Multi-color jobs using a Pre-Registration system

Adjust On Press settings Sim Process

Fine-tune Squeegee and Flood bar, Speed, Angle and pressure for ink viscosity

Set Up Mobile Forge in head iron


Electric vs Gas

Setting base Temp and time to TDS

Measuring temp with a donut probe

Mapping Dryer with a donut probe

Screen print 2 Simulated process jobs on Volt automatic

Wet on wet onto light substrate

Wet on wet over a flashed under base

*Hands-on practice setting up, registering, printing, flashing, curing and tearing down of 2 jobs


4 color Process with & without UB at 75lpi and Tonal Image at 100lpi

Plus Specialty Inks and substrates

Specialty ink multi-color, mixed genre print on dark and light garments

Pre-Press Screens

Create a Photo screen with CTS Spyder 2
Create a Photo screen with Goccopro DTS printer

Pre-Press Ink Management

Using a Formulator Ink Mixer

Modifying viscosity

Understanding Ink Rheology

Types of Fabrics

Cotton, Poly, Poly Blends & Nylon

Printing characteristics

Inks and printing characteristics

On Press

Setup multiple jobs on press using CTS Pre-Registered Screens

Adjusting Squeegee and Flood bar settings for ink and mesh selections


Static Frames vs Retionsable

Value and benefits of each

Demonstrate ECO Frame panel replacement

We will be printing with both types of frames




Production loops


Clean Press is a Profitable Press

Basic Press Maintenance

Platen Options

Discuss specialty platens and profitability of niche markets

Post Press

Main Variables to minimize fluctuations in quality

Various methods to use a DIP Tank

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Automate Post Press

Inpro Tigerclean TC-110 Screen Reclaiming Unit

Overview of benefits of automating pre-press

Demonstration of reclaiming screen 

Discuss Auto Developers and their benefits

Additional profit from Packaging

Dekken Auto Folder Demonstration

Cost and Benefits

Discuss auto baggers and high-production models

Key Performance Indicators

Why they are important

Screen print 3 High-resolution image jobs on Volt automatic

Four-color process Wet on wet on to a light substrate

Four-color process Wet on wet over a flashed under base

100LPI Tonal Image

*Hands-on practice setting up, registering, printing, flashing, curing and tearing down of 3 jobs

Closing Q & A 
Q & A plus Closing Group discussion

Equipment Used

A closer look at the classroom equipment

Pre-Press Department

¨ Saati Automatic Screen Coater

¨ ROQ Pre-Registration System

¨ Dri_vault Screen dry cabinet

¨ Riso Goccopro Computer to Screen System

¨ Exile Spyder II CTS Direct to Screen printer

¨ V-Lux glasses LED exposure unit

On Press Department

¨ ROQ-E 10 station / 8 color

¨ Smart Quartz Flash

¨ Cooling Fan

¨ Stampinator

¨ Vastex Big-Red 4D high performance dryer

Post Press Department

¨ Inpro TigerClean Automatic Screen Reclaiming Unit

¨ Folding machine 

¨ Dip Tank

¨ Water Filtration

¨ Washout Booth 


Tools & Accessories

¨ Hi-Dro Static frame

¨ Roller frames

¨ Tension Meter

¨ Specialty squeegees

¨ Smoothing screen

¨ Donut Probe Temp

¨ 10X Magnifier

¨ Digital Microscope

¨ Exposure Calculator

¨ Durometer Gauge

¨ TQM Gauge measures EOM

¨ TQM Aqua Check

- TQM Safe Light Glasses

¨ Hygrometer

 Class Sponsors

Exile Graphics
Kor-Chem InPro
Nortech Graphics
PMI Tape 

 Nearby Hotels

Two exits from our location, Thornton Rd in Lithia Springs. Relatively quiet area with restaurants within a few miles.

Click on the hotel name to go to their website.

Hilton Garden Inn 

Home 2 Suites

Courtyard by Marriott

Holiday Inn Express

My Place Hotel by Hilton

Fairfield Inn by Marriott

TRU by Hilton

Cancellation Policy

This workshop is limited to 12 people and many trainings sell out. For this reason, no refunds will be offered once payment is processed. If you are unable to attend, contact or call 404-691-0015 to reschedule. Cancellations made within 72 hours of the class will be subject to a $100 re-booking fee, unless proof of a medical emergency is provided.

*While it is very rare, only once in past years. Classes are subject to change. Notification of changes will be sent to the email address noted during registration. Kolormatrix is not responsible for lost deposits or travel fees if class dates change due to unforeseen circumstances.

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