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Something This Hot Has Never Been This Cool.

Give Your Dryer a Wake-Up Call. You Hit Snooze. Aside from being covered by the industry's only ROQ Solid Warranty, automatically programs when your Dryer starts and stops. Reclaim lost time and cure like a #ROQStar.

Consistent, efficient, and reliable curing.

The ROQ SAHARA Conveyor Dryer is your plug in, turn on, and forget solution that seamlessly matches the speed and volume of ROQ presses. 

Featuring an array of customizations to optimize this dryer for your specific shop needs, be ready to take full advantage of your 38 inch to 71 inch wide belt option with powerful water-based and plastisol curing optimization, or make this dryer work twice as hard by adding a split belt with variable widths, and independent speed/direction controls.

Customize your ROQ SAHARA to run on natural gas, propane, or electricity for the most economic choice and save up to 50%* in monthly utility costs vs traditional gas conveyors or older models.

Enhanced Technology

The ROQ SAHARA can be fully customized to meet your unique needs and preferred workflow.

Turn your business’s curing section into your very own on-demand small desert, capable of achieving dependable high temperatures with higher safety and efficiency than ever before.

Key Features of the ROQ Sahara Dryer:

  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The ROQ Sahara Dryer is equipped with reinforced insulation, ensuring improved energy efficiency and thermal stability, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact.
  2. Standby Mode: Take advantage of the Standby Mode during breaks or downtime to maintain the dryer’s temperature at a reduced cost, optimizing energy consumption even further.
  3. Increased Chamber Entry Height: Enjoy greater flexibility with an increased chamber entry height of 140 mm (5.5’), accommodating various garment types and thicknesses for seamless curing.
  4. Noise Reduction: The Sahara Dryer incorporates noise reduction technology, providing a quieter and more comfortable working environment for your team.
  5. Efficient Hot-Air Circulation: The axial flow fan ensures a constant circulation of hot air throughout the dryer, guaranteeing uniform and efficient curing of printed garments.
  6. Air Purification Filter: The inclusion of an air purification filter for the burner ensures clean combustion and improved air quality within the drying chamber.
  7. High-Performance Conveyor Belt: The antistatic and resistant mesh conveyor features a high tensile strength PTFE coated belt, enabling smooth and reliable garment transport.
  8. Independent Conveyor Control: Enjoy greater control over the curing process with the option of variable speed and direction for the conveyor belt, allowing for precise adjustments based on print requirements.
  9. Improved Maintenance: The Sahara Dryer features an improved filter access system, making maintenance tasks faster and more straightforward, ensuring consistent performance.
  10. User-Friendly Software: The updated software boasts a brand-new recipe saving system, empowering you to manage exposure time and overall temperature efficiently for different job requirements.
  11. Digital Temperature Display: Stay informed and in control with the digital temperature display, allowing you to monitor and adjust curing temperatures with ease.
  12. Internal Exhaustion Header System: Each module of the dryer is equipped with an internal exhaustion header system, optimizing the airflow and exhaust management for maximum efficiency.
  13. Contact Temperature Control: The Sahara Dryer offers precise contact temperature control, ensuring accurate curing of various ink types and ensuring the best print results.
  14. Temperature Range: The ROQ Sahara Dryer provides a temperature range from a minimum of 90°C to a maximum of 200°C, catering to diverse curing needs.
  15. Optional Dual Conveyor and Customizable Lengths: For increased productivity, the Sahara Dryer offers the option of two conveyors with independent speed and direction. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose different lengths for entry and exit openings to match your production setup.
  16. Gas-Powered with Heat Exchanger: The ROQ Sahara Dryer can be powered by gas with a heat exchanger, offering reliable and efficient heating for consistent curing results.


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