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Quick Kote Automatic Emulsion Coating

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Anatol’s Quik-Kote - Pre-Order Lead time 4-5 months

An automatic emulsion coating machine takes the work out of coating screens and allows you to coat more consistently than ever, improving your print quality. Shorten your screen prep times by quickly coating one or two screens at the same time!

The scoop coaters are lifted with servo motors, ensuring a smooth, even coating of emulsion to create stencils of uniform thickness. Lay down more consistent ink deposits than you can by coating manually, resulting in higher quality prints.


Shorten your screen prep time and coat more consistently for higher quality prints:

Servo lift for smooth, fast and even emulsion coating

Holds one or two screens at one time

Compatible with screen frame sizes of 20” x 24” up to 26” x 43”


Easy-to-use 7” touchscreen control panel with intuitive software gives you full control over the machine

The machine automatically detects when screens are loaded and displays an error if the screen is loaded improperly

Save and recall up to 15 different programs


High-quality pneumatic cylinders with automatic braking ensure smooth and accurate movement for consistent operation and even coating

Scoop coaters are lifted with servo motors for smooth, precise and reliable operation

Aluminum scoop coaters feature unique easy-to-clean design

High quality, durable steel screen locks are adjustable for a variety of different screen frame sizes and thicknesses to ensure a firm hold and even emulsion coating

Compact footprint saves space in your shop

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