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POLY ICE Low Cure HO/LB Mixing Base

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POLY ICE Low Cure Base

  • Mixing Base for use with P.C. systems
  • 100% Polyester and Polyester Blends
  • LOW Cure 270F to 320F
  • Flash / Gel 150F
  • Stable Finish even at higher temps
  • Ink does not "puff" or swell as much as competitive products
  • High Opacity facilitating non-migrating pigments
  • Energy Savings and cooler operating temps
  • Excellent Bleed Resistance

POLY ICE LC HO/LB mixing base is for use with any pigment concentrate system to create a flexible temperature cure ink for 100% poly and Poly Blend fabrics. When printing on fabrics that exhibit unstable dyes, this ink allows you to drop the cure temperature as low as 270F to 320F offering you better dye migration control and lowering energy consumption costs.  

POLY ICE Colors shears down to a very creamy body and produces a bright, opaque, matte finish with soft hand and terrific fiber control. 


  • Lower cure temperatures allow for better control on fabrics that may shrink or distort under higher temperatures
  • Supple hand and excellent elasticity
  • Stable finish even at higher cure temps, this ink does not "puff" or swell as much as competitive products
  • High opacity on darker fabrics facilitates non-migrating pigments
  • Energy savings and cooler operating temperatures
  • Excellent bleed resistance

Recommended Parameters

Fabric Types
100% Polyester & Poly Blends

Count: 86 - 155 for best opacity and bleed resistance, up to 230 mesh
Tension: 18-35 newtons

Durometer: 60, 70, or 60/90/60
Profile: Sharp, square
Stroke: 2 stroke, medium speed
Angle: 10 -20 degree

Coat 2/2
Emulsion over mesh: 15-20%
Off Contact 1/16"

Flash & Cure
Flash: 150F
Cure: 270 F - 320 F

Nylo Bond for adhesion to Nylon or Nylon blends

Avoid direct sunlight
Best used within one year
Keep container well sealed

Printing Tips

Adjust flash cure temperature and dwell time so ink is just dry to touch. Avoid excessive flash temperatures to protect fabric and migration of dyes. Depending on flash unit, a 3 - 5 second flash is adequate.

For best results, use a print-flash-print technique to ensure sufficient ink deposit on dark fabrics.

Use 86–230t/in (34-90t/cm) mesh screens with high tension for best performance, ink release and opacity. Lower mesh equals more deposit. Use higher meshes to achieve half tones.

Adjust your print parameters to allow this ink to clear fully on the second stroke using medium to low pressure for best dye blocking and opacity. As this ink shears down, less pressure will be required. Adjust accordingly.

Curing is a time and temperature process. Using a lower temperature, at a lower belt speed will provide the best result without damaging the fabric.

A behavior for high-opacity low cure inks is to "body-up" or gain viscosity when at rest. Be sure to "Pre-shear" or agitate this ink before use to achieve optimal flow before printing. Be careful to not use highspeed drills or similar equipment that will create friction-heat that can cause the ink to begin to cure. Store ink buckets up off of cold floors to reduce pre-shear time.



Internationally compliant


The information provided in this document is given in good faith and does not release you from testing inks and fabrics to confirm suitability of substrate and application process to meet your customer standards and specifications

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