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Platinum Reflective Safety Ink

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Platinum Reflective Plastisol

Code: ADV990

  • Highly Reflective
  • No Underbase Needed
  • Ideal for Safety Professionals
  • Smooth Surface
  • Excellent Adhesion & Washability
  • Cure: 320F


Platinum Reflective Safety Plastisol Ink

Platinum Reflective Inks are retro-reflective inks with enhanced visibility for safety professionals, fashion, and novelty-type designs. Platinum Reflectives, when exposed to a focused beam of light will reflect light back to the light source.

State-of-the-art reflectivity on light and dark grounds

Ready-for-use or tintable. One part formulation

Excellent adhesion to fabrics, good post-wash reflective

Application Tips

Stir inks before printing

Use consistent, high-tensioned screen mesh and sharp-edged squeegees for the best print results

For best reflective properties, print directly to fabrics. Direct printing allows the ink to sink into the fabric leaving the reflective media on top for brilliant reflectivity

Platinum Reflectives are not recommended on tightly woven fabrics such as nylon or printed over an under base as this will diminish the reflectivity properties.

Proper ink deposit is critical to achieving best reflectivity results.  For best care, hand wash or machine wash on cold cycle with the garment inside-out Label garments with suggested wash instructions

Recommended Mesh Counts: 60 - 110 mesh

Flash: 220F

Cure: 320F

Storage: 65-90F, Avoid direct sunlight

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