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Permaset Puff Paste


  • - Brand: Permaset
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Technical Data Sheet:

Permaset Aqua Puff Paste

PERMASET Puff Paste is used as a base for a multitude of colors and effects when mixed with PERMASET Aqua & Super Cover Inks. This high performance, special effects printing medium, dramatically swells upon heating to produce a vertical rise, giving a 3D effect. PERMASET® Puff Paste is used generally to enhance designs and to provide a raised, textured feel to the finished print.

PERMASET Puff Paste, once cured, enhances designs with its unique puff effect. Prints are transformed into a 3D finish that exhibits excellent definition of print even though the actual print manifests some lateral expansion on cure. A soft textured feel is experienced with unsurpassed adhesion onto fabrics. PERMASET® Puff Paste is wash and dry clean resistant.

Start with 10 to 20% of Puff Paste to Ink, the more Puff Paste, the Higher the puff but the lighter your color will become. 

Heat fixation cannot take place until all water has evaporated from the product. Once printing is complete, allow the garment to air dry for 15 minutes. Once PERMASET Puff Paste is dry, cure in an oven for 4-5 minutes at 320F. PERMASET Puff Paste requires a definite time/temperature cycle for optimum performance. Curing at temperatures that are too low can result in inadequate cure (and therefore little or no rise of the print) while curing at temperatures that are too high can result in over cure of the print causing poor adhesion to the fabric or puff micro-spheres to explode and collapse.

PRINTING Screen mesh sizes of 86 mesh are suitable for most applications. A standard two pulls of the squeegee are required when printing. The first penetrates and covers the fabric, while the second levels the print. Always ensure that there is sufficient ink on the screen for even prints.

IMPORTANT Prior to attempting any print run, experimentation with a test piece is recommended in order to test for adhesion, wash, dry-clean and rub fastness.

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