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Permaset Aqua Ink

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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: Permaset Super Cover
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Technical Data Sheet:

Super Cover Color Card:

Heat Curing Super Cover:



The flagship water-based textile screen printing ink from Colormaker, PERMASET AQUA Standard, Glow and Process Color ranges are based on a 100% solvent free, environmentally friendly formula that provides intense pigments rich in coverage with exceptional color yield. The resilient resin base is at once both soft and incredibly strong – holding up beautifully to even the most severe rub and wash tests. Available in 19 Standard Colors, 8 Glow, 4 CMYK Process Colors, 4 Metallic Colors and Print Paste. See what the fuss is about.

PERMASET AQUA Standard, Glow and Process Colors are ideal for printing on:
| Light Toned Fabrics | Natural and Synthetic Fibers | Dark Toned Fabrics (print over PERMASET SUPERCOVER First Down White as the underbase)


Rub Resistance: Strong


 Transparent, giving exceptionally vibrant color. Standard White is opaque

 Heat cure

 Monofilament polyester 110-305 tpi

Stencil Type:
 CBX5000 or any water resistant emulsion, fully dried and fully cured

Clean Up:

Increase Screen Open Time:
 Add 1-3% PERMASET Print Retarder

 T-shirts, flags, banners, sports and fashion wear, scarves, swimwear, upholstery and window furnishings, yardage, cushions, table and bed linen, tea towels and tote bags

 Cotton, cotton-polyester blends and most synthetic fabrics

Accessories: PERMASET Print Retarder, PERMASET Fabric Softener, PERMASET Puff Paste and Fabric Swatch Book

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