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Matsui Discharge Agent

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Discharge Activator (Agent) is the activate component for discharge printing.  This may only be mixed with Matsui Brite Discharge water based inks.

Discharge Agent comes in a crystal/powder form and is sold and shipped by the pound.

Matsui Discharge inks require mixing with 3-10% (by weight) Matsui Discharge AGENT.  This is approximately 1/2 pound per gallon.  Use an accurate gram scale (measuring increments of 1/10th of a gram) for optimal performance.  

DO NOT "guestimate" mixtures.  Keep in mind a simple rule: “Less is better”, higher levels of Discharge AGENT will cause shorter pot life and less desirable print quality.  Some dye lots require as little as 3% Discharge AGENT for full discharge and will minimize the lightening of replacement pigments added to Discharge Base.  

Higher levels of AGENT may affect the density of replacement pigment, so colors should be mixed to a higher level of intensity. 

Diluting in a small amount of water before mixing into ink, can speed up the process as well as provide a more uniform discharge.

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