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Liquid Blockout and Screen Filler

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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: SCP617
  • - Use with Plastisol, UV & Solvent Inks
  • - Fast Drying
  • - Availability: In Stock

Technical Data Sheet: 

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Liquid Blockout and Screen Filler  

Premium Screen Block for Plastisol, UV & Solvent screenprinting inks, ready to use.



SCP617 is a VOC Free, Non Flammable, heavy duty, water soluble blockout coating formulated to fill in open areas of the emulsion on screens.  This medium viscosity product is fast drying and spreads easily. Provides easy spreading and fills in gaps between the emulsion edge and the frame.  Works great on pinholes.  Designed for use with plastisol, conventional, UV and water based inks.



Biodegradable Drain Safe Fast Drying
Non-Hazardous Non-Flammable One Coat Coverage


1) Make sure that the screen is dry and free of dust or other contaminates.  Pour SCP617 onto the ink/squeegee side of screen.  Using a plastic applicator, spread over all the open areas of the screen until
completely filled. 

2) Inspect the screen for defects such as heavy accumulations. Flip the screen over and smooth out the places where Blockout may have collected on the opposite side.  Leave the screen to dry in a level position.  Check for pinholes by holding screen up to a light.  Fill any pinholes with Blockout and allow to dry completely. 

3) When printing is done, remove ink with ECO3000 or other Kolormatrix ink remover.  To remove blockout, rinse the screen with water and use soft scrub brush on both sides of screen to thoroughly clean. Follow up with SCP 625 emulsion remover and high pressure rinse.


Appearance ------------------------------- Red liquid

Odor---------------------------------------- Aromatic

pH ------------------------------------------ 5.5

Flash Point -------------------------------- N/A

Specific Gravity --------------------------- 1.01

Weight, per U.S. gallon ------------------- 8.8 lbs.

Stability ------------------------------------ Stable

DOT Shipping ----------------------------- Non-hazardous



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Location 4345 Commerce dr sw atlanta ga 30336
Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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