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International Onsite 3 day Class - Travel additional

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Onsite Class for International customers

SALE $5,495 ($7,495.00 LIST)

* Doesn't include airfare, car, hotel and food. NO additional charge for travel time. 

We will work together to teach your people the variables and develop guidelines so that they can increase production, decrease errors and overall increase quality, to help your become a dominant player in your marketplace.


  • 52-page technical manual
  • A 32-year veteran of screen printing instructor
  • $5k in Quality Control Tools
  • Pre-Press, On-Press & Post Press
  • Standardizing Workflow 
  • Streamlining Productivity
  • Benchmarking QC for each department
  • Minimizing Downtime
  • Decrease print defects



International THREE DAY Private Class in Your Shop 

SALE $5,495 ($7,495.00 LIST)

This is the ultimate in VIP personalization, yes it is the most expensive but it can also have the largest ROI (return on investment). As we train your people, on your equipment in your shop.

We will cover all the main variables critical to your shop's success. Whether automatic or high-end manual printing, we will work together to set up quality control guidelines and set by step production guidelines for each dept. Includes 52-page technical manuals and the use of $8k in quality controls tool to measure and calibrate your shop variables.

The instructor is a 32-year veteran of screenprinting with extensive experience in graphic and textile screenprinting consultation and training in a classroom setting and onsite at customer shops. 

As a member of Mensa, he is a firm believer in Einstein's philosophy "If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, then you don't fully understand it yourself"

So, no worries that subject matter will be too complex or convoluted to understand. Yes, even advanced screenprinting where physics plays a heavy role, can still be made easily understood by using real-world examples relating to food, relationships and even the occasional adult humor to convey principles and variables in an easily digestible and relatable fashion. Laughing while Learning is our goal.

Onsite training relies heavily on the quality of your equipment and supplies. We can teach you to control the variables to achieve photo-realistic prints but the quality will vary based on the quality of the products used to control these variables. 

Travel expenses are quoted seperatly, travel expenses include air-fare, hotel, transportation and meals. 

Each day constitutes 8 hours in your shop, whether assembling equipment, printing, training, troubleshooting, etc. 

Class is very flexible and covers any of these topics, time permitting. If you have a special request, let us know and we will see if it falls within the realm of his expertise.

  • Assembly of equipment (not automatic presses)
  • Pre-Press to Post-Press Operations, up to 90 lpi
  • Streamlining productivity while minimizing errors
  • Mastering wet-on-wet printing
  • Sim and 4 color process printing
  • Devolping quality control guidelines for each department
  • Class does NOT cover creating or editing artwork

Would an onsite class help me?

Do you have a team to train vs a few people?

Do you have mutliple models of equipment, especially automatic presses?

Do you struggle to print wet on wet?

Would like to master the fundamentals of Simulated or 4 color process?

Do you think it takes too long to setup jobs on press?

Does your press seem to be stopping to correct problems, pinholes, build up, floating registration, and blurry prints?

Is selecting the best squeegee durometer or adjusting Speed, Angle & pressure a guessing game?

Is scumming slowing down your setup?

Do you have to redo the photo screens?

Do you struggle with fine details or halftones?

Is scumming slowing down your setup?

Pinholes, fisheyes and other defects giving you headaches?

Do you have set exposure times for each mesh?

Do you have curing or bleeding issues or fears?

Do you have detailed quality control steps printed and mounted for each dept?

Tools & Accessories brought into your shop for fine tuning QC and production

¨ Tension Meter

¨ Donut Probe Temp

¨ 10X Magnifier

¨ Digital Microscope

¨ Exposure Calculator

¨ Durometer Gauge

¨ TQM Gauge measures EOM

¨ Pocket Surf—RZ Value

¨ TQM Aqua Check

- TQM Safe Light Glasses

¨ Hygrometer

Recommended activities (can be customized to meet your requirements)


Measure Mesh Tension

Mesh Selection for various printing

Coating Screen variables

Measure Emulsion Over Mesh ratios

Calibrate Exposure times

Measure humidity in emulsion stencil

Check the exposure room for ambient UV light

Developing vector vs halftones

Procedural overview

Trouble Shooting



Measure actual Squeegee Durometer

Examine squeegees and handling, storage

Squeege, speed, angle and pressure

Flood bar, hard vs soft flood

Measure and calibrate flash temps with a doughnut probe

Measure off-contact on press

Examine registration under the registration

Examine print quality under magnification

Controlling build up

Procedural overview



Map dryer for curing using doughnut probe

Measuring ink film temp using a doughnut probe

QC testing for cure 

Streamline Reclaim process

Minimize critical variables

Procedural overview

Trouble Shooting

** Reservations are non-refundable but may be rescheduled for emergencies. Additional travel expenses will apply to change flights, etc.**

3 day Onsite VIP Class Review from Google
Class was solely focused on vector images with low cure inks on poly blends on automatic and manual presses

"We opened an automatic screenprint shop 6 months ago and we are primarily printing vector art. I reached out to Brian at Kolormatrix about doing a 3 day course with our team at our facility to review our processes and offer suggestions on where we could improve and where we could implement new skills.

I can not say enough good things about Brian. He was very professional and added so much value. We had 10 people in the class, some were beginners and some had been printing 10+ years. Everyone walked away with a better knowledge of printing and learned something new. 

I am grateful for the knowledge that Brian brought to our shop and would highly recommend it."

-Jordan & Zach Shumate, Shuma Sports  

Review of 3 day Onsite Class from automatic shop

Where do I begin? First Thank you so much for not only sharing your knowledge of screen printing with us but also bringing such great energy and having patience with our team. Second, we are excited to use some of the tools and techniques we’ve learned to help our shop continue to grow. Not only in capacity but better quality as well. Greatly appreciate you and Kolormatrix for all y’all do.

-LeTisha Allen, PrintPerf

Quote about our 3 Day VIP Class from Facebook Reviews

"I have owned a professional merchandise and screen printing company for more than seven years. As the owner and principal decision maker of Brynnco, it’s sometimes difficult to constantly perfect your craft and run your business simultaneously. As difficult as it is, the three days that I’ve spent with Brian at Kolar Matrix have not only reaffirmed that both are possible, but that both are doable.
The Screen Print Training class offers by Koloa Matrix provides so much more than “screen print training.” It is hands on, it is informative, it is constructive, it is educational, but most of all, it is FUN and Brian is FUNNY!
Brian is the master of fundamentals.
Our experience here at Kolor Matrix has not only solidified our future in the screen printing industry, but it has awarded us the ability to build a future working relationship with a respected industry brand…Kolor Matrix.
Thanks, Brian!"
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