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ICC 3804 Low Cure Additive

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International Coatings 3804 Low Cure Additive


3804 Low Cure Additive lowers the curing or fusion temperatures of most plastisol based inks to less than 300°F (149° C). Use the 3804 Low Cure Additive when printing onto temperature and color sensitive fabrics such as 100% polyester or non-woven polypropylene bags.

The recommended addition is 5% to 6% by weight. To obtain the optimum performance of the 3804 Low Cure Additive, the additive must be thoroughly dispersed into the ink being modified.


This product has only been tested with International Coating’s inks. If this is used with another manufacture’s products, proper testing must be done to help insure the performance and durability of the mixed product. Always test ink and fabric before any production run.

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