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Exile Spyder III Computer to Screen

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  • Dual print settings including 900 dpi and 1200 dpi
  • Twice the resolution of its predecessors
  • Supports frame sizes up to 30” x 40”
  • Capable of producing detailed & extremely accurate prints in under a minute
  • Better density than most film and liquid ink CTS systems.

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Simplify your pre-press workflow with EXILE’s industrial Spyder III computer-to-screen system. The Spyder III saves you time and money with its ease of use, superior throughput and precise registration systems, delivering a boost in production and accelerating job turnaround. Equipped with a fast and reliable RIP software, full user control over your screen printing process is provided to create unparalleled prints with exceptional detail.


Model: Spyder III Computer-to-Screen System
Technology: Phase-change inkjet / Solid ink
Resolution: 1200 dpi
Halftone Capability: 85 lpi @ 1200 dpi
Max Media Size: 30 in x 40 in 
Max Image Size: 25 in x 30 in 
Imaging Speed: Approximately 1.7 sq ft/min @ 1200 dpi / Approximately 2.1 sq ft/min @ 900 dpi
Accuracy: .001” from screen to screen
Power Requirements: 120v/220v 50-60 HZ 15 amp
Compressed Air: Required
Network: Ethernet
Operating Temperature: 50oF to 86oF / 10oC to 30oC
Operating Humidity: 35% to 75% non-condensing
Ink Type: Solid block / Water dispersible photo resist mask
Dimensions: 32 in x 49 in x 61 in 
Weight: 505 lbs 

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