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Easy Cut FLEX FOIL 20" Heat Transfer Vinyl

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Easy Cut Flex Foil PU 20" width professional-grade heat transfer film Flex Foil heat transfer film is a stretchable soft metallic, thin, and creating a metallic look as unique fashion trends. It is stretchy and comes in various solid colors and different designs. Flex Foil offers a soft hand when applied, super easy cut, and weed. Ideal for leggings & activewear.  

**Notes: If you try to layer anything on top of Flex Foil following normal procedures, likely peel off with time. However, if you apply it and peel off the backing & press it again WITH NOTHING ON TOP (no Teflon) for another 5s. Will burn off the gloss film and the matte finish will now allow another HTV to adhere to it. Always wash test layered specialty films a couple of times before production.

100% Guaranteed, Easy to Cut, Easy to Weed, Easy to Press and achieve soft durable professional grade transfers.

PVC FREE & CISPA Certified

PU Composition
Pressure Sensitive Backing
Matte Finish
90 Microns / 3.5 mil thick
Easily Layered

Pre-Heat: 2 -5 Seconds
Press time: 10 to 12 seconds
Temperature: 285 - 302F
Pressure: Medium
Peel: Warm 7 to 10 seconds
Layering: 1st Layers 5 Second, Last layer 12 -15 seconds

100% Cotton
100% Uncoated Polyester
Poly/cotton blend
Acrylics & Nylon
Stretch Lycras

Do not dry clean
Machine Wash Warm, mild detergent
Dry at Normal Setting
No Chlorine or Bleach
Wait for 24 hrs before washing

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Location 4345 Commerce dr sw atlanta ga 30336
Manufacturer Easy Cut HTV
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