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E2000 25" x 36" High Output LED Exposure Unit

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  • - Brand: Vastex International
  • - Product Code: E2000-2536
  • - Exposes 230 mesh with CBX7500 in 9 seconds
  • - Exposes 110 mesh with CBX7500 in 6 seconds
  • - FAST 5 second vacuum time
  • - Availability: Lead Time 20 Days
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Vastex E-2000 25" x 36" High Output LED Exposure Unit 

Average exposure time 5 to 20 seconds

* LCD Touch Screen Controls
* Maximum Screen Size 25" x 36"
* Exposure 6 seconds on 110 and 9 seconds on 230 mesh with CBX7500 HiRez Pink emulsion

* Fast 5 Second average Vacuum
* 50,000+ HOUR BULB LIFE
* 5 Year Warranty LED Lights
* 3 Year Warranty Manufacture defects

* 120V or 240V models available

These all-new LED Screen Exposing Units from Vastex feature a long-lasting LED (light emitting diode) light pack that delivers ultra-fast exposure times while producing high-resolution half-tones and crisp detail on the most intricate graphics.

The LED light pack also consumes far less electricity than metal halide lamps of equivalent surface area, and can last over 50,000 hours, significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

In addition, it starts instantly, provides uniform lighting intensity cycle-to-cycle, remains cool during operation, and lacks potentially dangerous high-voltage power supplies and inefficient shutters.

All models come standard with legs and a powerful vacuum hold down with rubber neoprene blanket for tight screen-to-film contact, easy-to-set fully-automatic digital controls for consistent exposures, shatter-resistant 0.25 in.- (0.63 cm-) thick tempered glass and 120-volt or 240-volt power supply

Each can be ordered with optional, size-matched DriVault Screen Drying Cabinets (shown) to equip your shop with the very latest and most efficient screen exposing and drying system in the industry today.

Expose screens 10-15 times faster than fluorescent bulbs, and comparable to metal halide

Bulb life expectancy 50,000-100,000 hours Operates at 20% of the power required for metal halide

Expose very fine details and halftones

Single button operation for both vacuum and lights

Independent controls to adjust vacuum draw and exposure time

Power vacuum hold down contours rubber neoprene rubber blanket to screen for excellent screen-to-film contact

Slim design saves shop space and allows mounting on drying cabinet

No excessive heat or high voltage power supplies and shutters

0.25 in.-(0.63 cm-) thick tempered glass, virtually eliminates breakage

25 x 36 in. max screen O.D.

3 year warranty against manufacturer's defects*

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Location 4345 Commerce dr sw atlanta ga 30336
Manufacturer Vastex International
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