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Comet Light Flash Cure 2024

In stock
Comet -Light-2024

Heat Source: Quartz Lamps

Flash Size: 20" x 24"

Safe: Optical sensor, Auto On/Off

Energy Saver: Dual Zones

Availability: In Stock 20x24 model

The speed and efficiency of a Quartz Flash in our most affordable package.

  • Set your desired Flash Time with easy to use a digital controller.
  • Pallet sensor detects when a shirt is under the flash for automatic ON/OFF
  • Energy Saver, Lights are only on when you need them vs infrared which is always on.
  • Quartz Lamp heats up and cool down quickly.
  • Multiple curing zones, only heat where you need it.

Technical Specs

Flash Size: 20" x 24"

Heat zones: 2 

Quartz Lamps: 10

Power: 208-240V, 60amps, 1ph

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