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Scoop Coater - Dual Edge Aluminum


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Professional Grade Aluminum Emulsion Scoop Coating Tray

Manual Coating Troughs combine accurate, consistent performance with economy. 

Lightweight and easy to control, they can be used with any liquid emulsion to produce evenly coated screens. 

A dual-edge feature provides two coating options within one trough - the round edge is designed for quick buildup of the correct emulsion thickness using a minimum number of passes and the sharp edge is designed for applying thinner deposits and face coats. 

Quick Tip: General rule of thumb on 24 mesh to 200 Mesh, Use Thick edge for quick, uniform coating. 230 Mesh and Above use Thin edge for consistent emulsion thickness. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, use the thick side whenever you want to create a thicker layer of emulsion, in less coats.

  • Dual edge, Thin & Thick side
  • Large emulsion reservoir
  • Angled plastic end caps 
  • One piece aluminum alloy construction 
  • Opaque emulsion cover and edge protector

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