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2" Solvent Resistant Blue Tape 60 yard Roll


  • - Product Code: SRB2
  • - 2" width x 60 yard roll
  • - Polyethylene Tape
  • - Aggressive durable Adhesive
  • - Availability: In Stock

2" Solvent Resistant Blue Tape 60-yard Roll

A durable Blue colored polyethylene tape backed with an Aggressive adhesive makes this the superior choice for use on the press, and holds up for the long haul.

Heavy Flash, long runs, no problem. yet, does NOT fall apart when exposed to chemicals, solvents, or water.

Leaves minimal adhesive residue behind, so clean-up is Faster!

Ideal for taping around edges of the frame and using for blockout of pinholes and registration marks

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Location 4345 commerce dr sw, suite A, Atlanta GA 30336
Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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