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AWT Pro Angle 2 Emulsion Scoop Coater

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  • Professional's Choice
  • Perfect Angle
  • Hard-anodized gold aluminum
  • Precision Calibrated Level edges 
  • Dual Edge - Sharp and Rounded

AWT Pro Angle 2 Emulsion Scoop Coater

Coat screens evenly and uniformly with the Pro Angle 2 emulsion scoop coater. This scoop coater is designed for easy and comfortable handling while providing a smooth layer of emulsion on your screen.

The coating angle is designed on a perfect angle, and the coater itself is calibrated to give you a perfect coating of emulsion every time. Made from hard-anodized gold aluminum, enclosures are permanent for quick cleaning without leaking.

The Pro Angle 2 has two edges, a sharp edge (ideal for 230 and higher mesh counts) and a rounded edge ideal for lower mesh counts 24-200) or when a thicker coat is desired. It also holds more emulsion than our standard scoop coater.

Always order a coater 1" larger than your liquid coating size. For example, a 10" coater covers a 9" liquid coating area. Your coating area should be 2" (1" on each side) smaller than the inside diameter of your frame. 

*Be sure to remove the black plastic protective piece from scoop coater before using!

Which Size Is Right For Me?

15 Inch - Use this size for coating 20" x 24" screens.
18 Inch - Use this size for coating 23" x 31" screens.
20 Inch - Use this size for coating 25" x 36" screens.

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Location 4345 Commerce Dr SW, Atlanta GA 30336
Manufacturer A.W.T.
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