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ADV Ultra Gold Metallic Premium Plastisol Ink

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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: ADV-950
  • -Medium Flake Size
  • - Non-Tarnishing shine
  • - 24 to 86 mesh for best results
  • - Availability: In Stock

Advantage Metallic inks are non-corroding and have excellent rub and wash resistance. 

Most colors works better Print Flash Print or with an under-base white on dark garments.

Tip #1: Print thru a coarse mesh and Heat Press with a silicone sheet, while wet or lightly flashed and the ink will have a glossy finish similar to Foil. 

TIP #2: Metallic inks reflect heat, so increase dry time and or temperature is necessary for Full cure

Viscosity : Medium
Bleed Resistance : None
Build Up : Moderate
Definition: Bold to Moderate

Recommended Substrates
Cotton, cotton blends, polyesters, and some nylon (generally open weave or mesh types) as well as other synthetics.

Curing: Gel or flash-cure: Approximately 230 Degrees F/110 Degrees C.

Full cure: 320 Degrees F/160 Degrees C. 

Transfer Temperature: 350 Degrees F/177 Degrees C.

Fusion tests should be made prior to any production run. Failure to cure properly causes poor wash fastness, inferior adhesion and increased dye migration.

Opacity : Medium

Squeegee: Use medium 70 durometer

Wash-Up: ECO27705 Textile Ink degrader or SCP17 Press Wipe.

Mesh: Use 24-60 mesh count for brightest effect
Use 60-120 mesh count for better detail
Use 24-110 mesh count for cold peel transfers.

Stencil: CBX7700 or CBX7500 recommended but will work with Any Conventional direct emulsion or capillary films.

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Location 4345 Commerce dr sw atlanta ga 30336
Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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