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ADV Four Color Process Plastisol Ink

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  • - Product Code: ADV-Four Color Process
  • - Private Labeled Ultra Premium Inks
  • - 4 Color Process Printing
  • - Minimal Dot Gain
  • - Minimal Build Up
  • - Wet on Wet Printing ( we do it all the time in class)
  • - Ready for use for Accurate colors
  • - Non-Phthalate
  • - Scroll to see Actual Prints w/ ADV Inks
  • - Availability: In Stock

Safety Data Sheet:

Advantage Four Color Process Plastisol Ink is comprised of pure, transparent basic colors to be used to produce 4-color process images. Advantage plastisols are designed for direct, wet-on-wet printing.

SPECIFICATIONS: USES: For use on white cottons, cotton/polyester blends or over a flashed underbase white.

FINISH: Cures to a soft-hand finish.

OPACITY: Pure transparent color.

DRYING TIME: Plastisol inks will not air dry and must be heat cured. The printed image will be fully cured when the entire ink deposit reaches 300°F. Curing can be accomplished with the use of a conveyor dryer, flash curing unit, or simple infrared heat source.

SCREEN FABRIC: 230 to 355 Mesh

Using coarser meshes will likely result in increased ink deposits and stronger color shades. If you are using re-tensionable frames, adjust the mesh tension to at least 25 Newtons/cm. Be sure that all screens are at the same tension.

SCREEN COATING, FILM, BLOCKOUT: Use CBX7500 Hi-Rez Pink or another premium emulsion, capilarly film, etc.


The Advantage 4 Color Process plastisols are supplied ready-for-use direct from the can. Any modification to these inks can have an adverse effect on their performance. If necessary, only reduce with small amounts of Advantage Process Base or Curable reducer, when necessary to reduce color concentrations.

ADHESION: Excellent on 100% Cotton and cotton poly blends.

WASHUP: ECO3000, ECO5000, ECO4440 or another suitable ink degrader, washup.


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Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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