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24 Inch Wide Over Sized Film Positive Output Film Service

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Film Positive Oversized
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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: POSITIVE 24" wide over-sized
  • - Professional Quality Film Positive
  • - All Black Inks
  • - Calibrated & Printed with RIP Software
  • - Up to 100 LPI Halftones
  • - Next Day Shipping
  • - Availability: In Stock

24" wide Oversized film Film Positive Output Film Service


Film positive will be 24" wide by the length selected.

You can place several smaller film positives on 1 sheet of film. BUT they must all be on 1 page that is the same as the film size you order.

i.e you cant send 4 pages / layers or 4 separate files 8"x8" and order 1 ea 24" x 24" film positive. The correct format would be one page/ layer/ file with page size 24" x 24" and your 4 e 8"x8" files laid out on the page at output size that you want.


Email us your file to and we will Print you out a High-Quality Film Positive ready for use in exposing your frame.

Each film positive is printed with the Best of the Best

* Ultra Premium High-Resolution Inkjet film

* All Black Ink system

* Accu-Rip Software

* 1200dpi resolution

Artwork Checklist

1 - Artwork should be sent 100% black and white. (The Black will be the ink when printed)

2 - Verify your artwork is set at the actual size you want it printed.
3 - Set Your Page Size the SAME size as the Film Positive you are ordering.

4 - Make sure your .pdf file has a resolution of at least 300dpi, allthough 600dpi is preferred.

5 - All text layers should be rasterized or converted to outlines.

6 - Multi-color images should have each color on a separate page
For experienced artwork, we also except AI files with Pantone solid colors or CMYK if you want process films selected for the artwork.

After checking out, send your files via email to Please include your order number, name and contact phone # in the email. 



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Location 4345 Commerce Dr SW, Atlanta GA 30336
Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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