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23" x 31" Aluminum Frames

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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: AF2331
  • - $AVE BIG: $9.95 Flat Rate Shipping
  • - Pro Quality: Saati High Tension LE Mesh
  • - Huge Inventory: Over 2,500 frames In-Stock
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Professional Grade 23" x 31" Aluminum frame stretched with High Tension Low Elongation

Professional Quality Prints Start with
Professional Quality Screens.

Check out pics of t-shirt designs printed using these frames and our full line of supplies by students who have never screen printed before in our 3 Day Pro Class.

* High-Quality AL6063T5 Aluminum Alloy Frame

* Welded & Polished Leak Proof Corners

* High Tension, Low Elongation Monofilament Mesh

* Super Strength Chemical Resistant 2 Part Glue

* Flexible adhesive for lower risk of tears at the seam with frame.

* 23" x 31" Outside dimension, 20" x 28" inside dimension

Mix & Match Different Frame Sizes and Mesh Counts
to Get Quantity Discounts

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Mix & Match 12 Frames Sizes & Mesh Counts to Get the 12 Frame Price - At Checkout use Discount Code: MIX-12 

Mix & Match 50 Frames Sizes & Mesh Counts to Get the 50 Frame Price - At Checkout use Discount Code: MIX-50

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Our Professional Grade frames are the same ones we use to teach hundreds of new screen printers every year to produce beautiful high-resolution images. Each frame is made up of 3 elements and we use only the highest quality in each step.

1) Base frame

 * Premium AL6063T5 aluminum alloy that is light weight yet high strength and extremely durable.

* Computer-controlled welding and sanded to assure leakproof corners.

* Sandblasted mesh surface for increased bonding with adhesive to assure the long life of screens.

* Polishing of exposed aluminum for a smooth quality appearance.

2) Mesh

* Premium High Tension / Low elongation Monofilament Polyester mesh.

* Low elongation makes registration easier and for a longer screen life.

* High tension allows ink to more easily release from the open image area.

* ideal for a wide range from Athletic to Simulated process. See our Quick Mesh guide below.

3) Adhesive

* 2 part glue is specifically designed to be FLEXIBLE while bonding mesh to aluminum.

* Excellent chemical resistance when using biodegradable chemicals.

* High Tensile / Sheer strength for extremely durable bond to frame.

* May be removed without harming frame for re-stretching of frames.

Quick Mesh Selection Guide

24 to 60 mesh: PUFF, Glitter, High Density and design with BOLD simple graphics

86 to 125 mesh: Super Opaque & Standard Inks for Athletic or simple graphics, ideal for dark shirts for easier coverage.

155 to 200 mesh: Versatile for light and dark garments with a wide range of graphics.

230 to 305 mesh: Best feel and resolution for printing onto Light colored substrates or on top of a white underbase. Ideal for simple graphics to halftone images.

325 to 360 mesh: Highest resolution printing, generally reserved for advanced printing applications.

380 to 420 mesh: Primarily for printing the highest resolution sign and graphics, generally with UV-curable inks.

More Information
Location 4345 Commerce Dr SW, Atlanta GA 30336
length 31
width 23
height 2
Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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