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TransPrint Hot Split Transfer Plastisol Ink

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TFX Transprint
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  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: TFX Transprint
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TransPrint Hot Split Transfer Plastisol Ink


 TFX Trans Print is a Soft-feel, hot-split transfer ink that offers improvements in printability and ease of printing both manually and automatic.

Opacity: Very Good
Viscosity : Medium
Bleed Resistance : None
Build Up : Medium
Definition: Good

Recommended Substrates
Knitted fabrics, cotton, linens, cotton / polyester blends & rayon. NOT recommended for woven nylon or lycra. 

Gel Curing: 195-230 F Lower temps will result in a transfer with little tensile strength, and higher temps will negatively affect the "split" of the final transfer.
Full cure: 320 Degrees F
Transfer temp 365-375 F (185-190 C) 
Transfer time 5 to 7 seconds
Transfer pressure 40-45 PSI

Opacity : Very Good

Squeegee: Use medium 70 durometer

Wash-Up: ECO27705 Textile Ink degrader or SCP17 Press Wipe.

Mesh: Use 60 to 110 mesh counts for increased opacity
Use 110 to 230 mesh counts for more Detailed images

Stencil: CBX7700 or CBX7500 recommended but will work with Any Conventional direct emulsion or capillary films.

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Manufacturer Kolormatrix
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