From your computer screen and straight to a print ready screen, RISO’s GOCCOPRO is a revolutionizing series of advanced digital screen makers that are changing the process of screen printing forever! Personalized T-shirts have always been a real craze and thanks to the GOCCOPRO screen maker, even households or individuals without prior screen printing experience are now cashing in on this opportunity. However, before you start looking for the best GOCCOPRO digital screen maker for you, here’s everything you need to know about this advanced digital screen-printer.

Digital VS Traditional

Customized T-shirts can be trendy, regardless of any season or reason and that’s exactly why RISO is reimagining the screen printing process. Imagine coming across a splendid landscape picture or a motivational quote that hit home straight, and instead of wondering how it would look on a T-shirt, you can simply print it on your T-shirt in under 5 minutes without having to get messy. However, both the traditional and digital screen makers have their pros and cons with each printing method coming with a unique benefits of its own. If you’re in two minds over which print method to opt for, here’s a rundown of which suits what the best!

Know your usage

Digital Screen printers like the comprehensive GOCCOPRO will probably be your best choice for customized T-shirts, but only if you’re looking at a mid size production runs, under 1200 t-shirts. For store owners handling very large bulk orders, the traditional screen printing method would be much more valued.

Printing on a Budget

If you’re looking at pocket-friendly options and limited customizable T-shirts, you should buy the best GOCCOPRO screen-printer. You’ll have 2-3 advanced models to choose from. However, if budget is not a constraint and you want to incorporate more high resolution colors, the QS2536 screen maker will be the best choice for you.

Computer to Screen sytems are probably the best thing that happened to screen printing, No Chemicals, No emulsion, No Film Positive and No contaminated water going down the drain. But here’s a word of caution you might want to pay heed to, large production order 1200 impressions, will require you to make an additional set of screens to finish printing job. Nevertheless, if we are talking about mid size production on a manual or servo drive automatic press, put a dash of digital in your customized T-Shirts will be perfect for you and your bottom line.