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Vector S SSE Electric Automatic Screen Printing Press

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Anatol Vector S

Check out the VOLT S in our Atlanta Showroom!

15" x 16" Max Image
Available in 6 station/ 2 color up to 10 station / 9 color

The Vector S screen printing machine is designed for shops looking to take advantage of electric printing technology and minimize reliance on air. Looking to move to an automatic screen printing press but worried about maintenance and operating costs? With air components reduced by over 90% compared to competing presses, the Vector will save you money and downtime. Servo indexing, servo lift and electric print heads give you maximum consistency, reliability and efficiency. A 15" x 16" print area and 21" x 28" maximum screen size will let you tackle most printing challenges. 

The Vector S screen printing machine comes with all the features you'd expect from our top-of-the-line automatic presses, like digitally-controlled off-contact, reliable Speed Clamps, and a 16" industrial-grade touchscreen control panel with the same intuitive Aries operating system that is on our VOLT.

Touchscreen Controls
  • 16? touchscreen with Aries operating system
  • Easy operator access to all machine parameters
  • Program multiple heads simultaneously
  • Full speed control of both stroke directions
  • View real-time print count (dozen) and speed (pcs/hr)
  • Save all parameters of a stored job: off-contact, indexer speed, print head speed, print area, number of strokes, flash cure time and termperature, color design, mode
  • Set pallet preheat temperature
  • Quickly set the same speed and print distance for all heads

Print Heads

  • AC electric print heads for a stronger, more even stroke
  • Smash button at load/unload stations to prevent printing on empty pallets
  • Adjustable side screen holders with new low-profile for easy access
  • True three-point micro-registration (front-to-back, left-to-right, and rotational movement)

Tool-less Adjustment

  • Independent squeegee/flood bar angle adjustments with single-handed adjustments of 0?-30?, at increments of 5?
  • Digital central off-contact precisely adjusts all print stations simultaneously at a range of 0?-0.400? at increments of 0.001?
  • Squeegee/flood bar knobs with scale for user-friendly depth adjustments
  • Single lever quick-release squeegee and flood bars in print carriage
  • Speed Clamps, one-touch screen locks


  • Servo lift and lower for smooth operation
  • Rubber-coated aluminum pallets
  • Tool-less locks for slide or quick release-style pallets
  • Precise four-point pallet leveling system
  • Standard 16? x 22? (18? x 22? on Volt XL) pallets included; other sizes available upon request
  • Choice of slide style or quick release pallets


  • Precise control of pallet position +/- .001?
  • Provides smooth indexing with superior print consistency
  • Increase production with pinpoint control of acceleration and deceleration
  • Index direction: right and left
  • Programmed with Step-Back, Multi Step-Back, and Revolver-type indexing options


  • Heavy-duty rolled steel frame supports smooth, high speed production cycles
  • Ball-lead servo with internal lubrication system reduces vibration and maintenance costs
  • Industry?s best safety bars at each print head and load/unload station
  • Carousel safety barrier to prevent operators stepping into press
  • Servo-indexer lasts for decades

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Location 4345 commerce dr sw, suite A, Atlanta GA 30336
Manufacturer Anatol
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