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Solutions 36" x 11' Electric Dryer

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Brand: Anatol

Model: SED-3606A-15600

Belt width: 36"

Dryer Length: 11'

Power: 15,600 watts

Voltage: 240V

Lead Time: 4 - 5 months

Anatol Solutions Energy Efficient and Affordable Dryer Solution

Lead time 4 to 5 months

 36" wide belt x 11' conveyor dryer

13,650 watts

6' Heat, 2' 6" infeed and 2' 6" outfeed

21 Ceramic heating elements

240V Single Phase 76 amps

240V Three Phase 43 amps

Production rate 300-500 per hour

When gas is not an option, Anatol electric screen printing conveyor dryers are the Perfect Solution. The Solutions Series dryers are ideal for t-shirt and textile printers looking for an efficient and affordable curing unit. They feature more ceramic heating panels than similar dryers for even heat throughout the chamber. The Solutions dryers feature the same double-wall construction as Anatol's gas dryers, reinforced with high-efficiency thermal insulation to improve air circulation. Solutions Series electric dryers offer programmable temperature controls with automatic cool-down.

  Control Panel

  • Digital control panel
  • Solid-state variable belt speed control, set in ft/min or meters/min
  • Programmable temperature controller (accuracy: +/- 1?)
  • Automatic controlled start-up and cool-down mode
  • Reversible belt direction


  • Adjustable infeed/outfeed openings
  • Teflon-coated fiberglass belt
  • Heavy-duty conveyor rollers

Heating Elements

  • 21 ceramic heating elements
  • Adjustable heat panels (raise or lower)


  • Industrial grade AC motor
  • Double-wall insulation with galvanized interior
  • Heavy-duty multi-section construction
  • Air-cooled control cabinet

Optional Conveyor Extension: 2.5' or 5' addition, includes the belt.

More Information
Manufacturer Anatol
Location 4345 commerce dr sw, suite A, Atlanta GA 30336
length 11'
width 36"
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