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Used Keencut Evolution E2-64" Cutter
  • Used Keencut Evolution E2-64" Cutter
  • Used Keencut Evolution E2-64" Cutter

Used Keencut Evolution E2-64" Cutter


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USED Keencut Evolution E2-64" table top cutter
Very Good Condition

The all new Evolution 2 series precision cutter from Foster Keencut combines all the features and functions wide format printers and sign makers need into an easy to use, accurate cutter. The Evolution 2 precision cutter can either mount direct to your existing table or be combined with the Proteus Work Bench for optimal stability. Equipped with a heavy duty cutter bar to securely clamp materials, a utility blade to cut a wide range of materials up to 1/2" thick, adjustable levelers for precision cutting up to 0.008" accuracy, lift hold mechanisms, and more, all backed by a 5 year warranty and 20 year warranty of the cutter bearings, the Foster Keencut Evolution 2 precision cutter easily handles all of your cutting needs. The Keencut Evolution 2 even features a seperate track and textile cutting attachment to cut fabrics and textiles. Be sure to check out the Foster Keencut Evolution 2 Precision Cutter for your business today! This product is currently only available to our customers in the United States of America. If you are located internationally, you will need to contact a local dealer to purchase this particular product.

Product Details

  • Single handed positions, cutting, and clamping.
  • Straight and accurate cuts to within 0.008" by adjustable levelers.
  • Integral extruded alloy cutting base.
  • 5 year general warranty on all parts (except blades).
  • 20 year warranty on cutting bearings.
  • 100% made in England.
  • Multiple silicone grip strips to hold material safely and securely.
  • Designed to mount specificly to your existing workbench, or the optional Proteus Work Bench.
  • Flip-over stop adds horizontal clamping to increase accuracy, prevent slipping, and reduce cutting time.
  • Two cutting tracks for general purpose cutting and textile cutting.
  • Cuts everything from inkjet media and vinyl to rigid substrates like Sintra and Foam Board up to 1/2" thick.
  • Includes 100 medium duty cutting blades and 25 Graphix blades.
  • Includes an attachable Fabric Cutting Wheel for fabric and thin film cutting.
  • Integral extruded alloy cutting base.


  • Cutting Length: 64"
  • Cutting Size: Up to 13mm
  • Suitable for: PVC Foamboard, Pop-up Banners, foam centered board, corrugated plastics, fabric and textiles, acrylic, banners, and more.
  • Dimensions: 76" L x 10 1/4" W

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