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PUFF FX Special Effect Plastisol Ink
  • PUFF FX Special Effect Plastisol Ink
  • PUFF FX Special Effect Plastisol Ink

PUFF FX Special Effect Plastisol Ink


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NPFX HI-Rise PUFF Special Effects Plastisol Inks

Why do our Colors POP, instead of looking dull? We load 125% of the standard high opaque pigment load to every color. Yes, its makes our inks a little more expensive to produce, but You will LOVE the BRIGHT Hi Rise Colors!


NPFX inks are formulated for ease of printing, during the heat curing process the inks expand, giving an elevated Puff Surface to the ink. 

Puff inks have excellent durability and resistance to over blow during the curing process.

Opacity: Excellent
Viscosity : Medium
Bleed Resistance : None
Build Up : Medium
Definition: Minimal to Average

Recommended Substrates
Cotton & cotton blends.

Flash Curing: Gel Flash-cure: Approximately 230 Degrees F.
Full cure: 320 Degrees F/160 Degrees C.
Expansion Temperature: 290 to 320 Degrees F.

Fusion tests should be made prior to any production run. Failure to cure properly causes poor wash fastness, inferior adhesion and increased dye migration.

Opacity : Excellent

Squeegee: Use medium 70 durometer

Wash-Up: ECO27705 Textile Ink degrader or SCP17 Press Wipe.

Mesh: Use 40 to 86 mesh counts for Larger areas and Highest Puff.
Use 86 to 110 mesh counts for more Detailed images

Stencil: CBX7700 or CBX7500 recommended but will work with Any Conventional direct emulsion or capillary films.

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