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AccuRIP Black Pearl

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AccuRIP Black Pearl

AccuRip Black

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Screen printing software for making film positives is what AccuRIP Black Pearl is all about! Learn about the industries #1 software and download a FREE trial today!

Want to know what the best printer for screen printing is? You can be sure it’s a compatible printer of AccuRIP Black Pearl. From the Epson Artisan 1430 to the Epson T-3270 and many others, we support the most efficient Epson inkjet printers for producing the films that make t-shirts and other products.

AccuRIP Black Pearl Commercial

We’re known for delivering the world’s “t-shirt making software” to the industry because more screen-printers use AccuRIP to make the films to expose to screens.

AccuRIP Black Pearl™  supports the T-3270, 4900, 1400, 1430 as well as dozens of other popular Epson printers. For a full list click the link above.

The Artisan 1430 is the number one selling and best printer for screen printing clients. Whether it’s your main printer or a backup printer for a large roll feed printer, everyone should have an Epson Artisan 1430. The price is incredible and it is a native dye ink printer and works with the All Black Ink system too!

Description and Value:
Costing just pennies a day, all AccuRIP versions perform a critical task in film output production by translating the PostScript data of a graphics file to a non-PostScript device (Epson Inkjet). An Epson Printer Driver does NOT have the capability to manage PostScript graphics files or to control ink lay down.

As always, AccuRIP Black Pearl and SE are engineered for both Windows and Macintosh operating systems and includes a comprehensive support policy including the Parachute Plan.

The software drives the film output process. Film output results determine screen exposure quality and ultimately on-press success.

Your return on investment (ROI) is so fast – users frequently report they make enough profit to cover its cost during the free trial period or soon after purchase. Note: AccuRIP Black Pearl has a free, fully-functional trial, the SE version does not.

Software provides one of the greatest values to a business. Like your Adobe and Corel software, AccuRIP Black Pearl is an integral part of your business success! We know you use software for all the right reasons and count on it everyday, that’s why we engineer software that’s easy to use, while delivering the finest results.

What is a RIP?

Get passionate about PostScript!

RIP (Raster Image Processor) – not just for halftones, it’s for all your graphics printing needs.

A RIP processes: Spot Colors, Sim Process, Spot Process, 4-Color Process, sold shapes, blends/tints (halftones).

Screen printers output successful films by utilizing software, hardware, graphics programs and an inkjet printer. The inherent communication gap between software and hardware is bridged by AccuRIP Black Pearl Software. The quality of the output result is critical to screen exposure and press results. That’s why AccuRIP Black Pearl Software is the number one RIP software for screen printers. It is the easiest and most reliable software, affordable, and delivers the highest quality results. It’s literally a pennies a day solution.

Graphic software used to design and separate artwork are PostScript based programs. Many in the screen-print industry use Epson Inkjet printers to produce films – Epson printers are NOT PostScript ready! PostScript data is not just blends and gradients (halftones). Almost as complex as PostScript is font handling. The year 1982 brought PostScript and a big boost in quality and capability to artists and printers. Currently at PostScript Version 3, working with a RIP like AccuRIP Black Pearl is a must when you are serious about art reproduction and producing quality prints.

Raster Image Processors (AccuRIP) allow non-PostScript Level devices (Epson printers) to output PostScript files professionally. AccuRIP Black Pearl performs the necessary translations for a file to print through the Epson printer. It manages the intricate process quickly, easily and accurately. When working with AccuRIP, you’ll often forget that AccuRIP is busy working for you in the background.

When you have an Epson – you’ll want AccuRIP Black Pearl!

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