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Gimmie 5 Colors (Low Temp 4 Second) 15" Heat Transfer Vinyl

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  • - Brand: B-Flex America
  • - Product Code: Gimmie 5 Low temp 15 Heat Transfer Vinyl
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Technical Data Sheet:

Gimmie 5  EVO Opaque Colors: Low Temp Heat Transfer Film

Only 4 Seconds at 285F for Everything from Cotton to Poly & Acrylics

B-FLEX SERIES GIMME 5 is a polyurethane opaque film suitable for heat transfer on cotton fabrics, cotton and polyester and polyester and acrylic garments. It's polyester adhesive carrier allows for easy repositioning of characters accidentally removed. GIMME 5 can be pressed IN ONLY 4 SECOND on T-shirts, sportswear or
uniforms for work. Because the material is thin and elastic the fabric, underneath remains soft and pliable. It is also great for multilayer applications.
GIMME 5 are certified as per Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I requirements. Safe for use with Laser system and they are ideal for letters and drawings as small as 0.5 cm..


Low Temp adhesive, Adheres at 285F

Super Thin & Flexible for soft designs.

Easy Weeding for less headaches.

Tested at over 100 washes for durability.

LASER friendly


Directions –Keys to Success

Do NOT USE a TEFLON Sheet or Teflon Cover with Gimmie 5 HTV

#1 TEMP: 285F

#2 TIME: 4 Seconds

#3 Pressure: 3.5 bars or Medium

#4 Liner Removal : HOT Peel

Cutting : Reverse Image

Blade : 45 degree

Layering: 3 to 4 seconds per layer & 4 second for last layer.


Substrates: Cotton, Polyesters, Acrylics, Most Synthetic Blends & Leather
Low temp won’t damage heat-sensitive materials.

Finish: Matte

Thickness:  80 microns - approximately 3.12 mil thickness

Washing: Wait 12 hours after application & Wash Inside Out

Washing Temp: Warm or Hot and Dry Normal

Dry Clean: Not Safe, can damage or remove vinyl

Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F

Storage Notes: Avoid storing in direct sunlight

SAFETY STANDARDS: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I - All components of the 

product have been independently tested for harmful products and are certified 100% safe in regards to human ecological use in clothing.

4 Keys for Professional Grade Results are Temp, Time, Pressure and Liner Removal. ALWAYS follow directions as these Keys change for every type of HTV, even vinyl from the same brand will vary by type, glitter, flock, etc.

Detailed Application Instructions

Heat Press 

¨ Cut image in reverse

¨ Weed excess vinyl from design

¨ Preheat the shirt for 2 seconds

¨ Do NOT use a Teflon sheet  / cover or Kraft paper

¨ Apply design at 285°F

¨ Use medium pressure for 4 seconds

¨ Peel vinyl liner sheet while hot.

¨ If area of vinyl lifts, replace liner and re-press for 4 seconds.


Home Iron 

¨  Iron Setting Dial between Cotton and Linen

¨  Do NOT use a Teflon cover or Kraft paper with Gimmie 5

¨  Place on Hard Flat Surface, Ironing board is not recommended

¨  Press iron with Firm pressure, Do NOT Slide iron back and forth

¨ Press each section, overlapping pressing of design for 10 seconds

¨ If area of vinyl lifts after application, replace vinyl liner sheet and re-press for 5-10 seconds

¨  Peel liner sheet slowly while hot

Cutter Settings 

Recommend settings may vary based on sharpness of blade & condition of cutter. Always perform a test cut prior to production. A sharp blade saves you time and money, in increased production via cutting and weeding.

Blade: Standard
Setting: Iron On

Silhouette Cameo

Blade: #3 Standard
Material: Smooth Heat Transfer
Speed: 8
Force: 6

Scan N Cut
Blade: Standard, 2
Speed: 1
Pressure: 1
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 60
Pressure: 42
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 30
Pressure: 8
Roland GX-24
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 20 to 50
Pressure: 85
LP3, MH, SC2,  & Titan 1:
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 300
Pressure: 80
Titan 2 & 3
Blade: 45 degree
Speed: 300
Pressure: 60


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