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FAQ iColor Printers

FAQ iColor Medias

What’s So Unique About the iColor® Digital Color + White Transfer Media Printers?

  • The ability to print white as an underprint AND an overprint in the same machine, in one pass, using the iColor® TransferRIP or ProRIP software.
  • The white opacity of UniNet’s unique blend of toner is double that of any other brand, giving you the brightest whites and opaque backgrounds to bring out the vibrancy of your colors.
  • The true black cartridge is included with all printers, allowing you to switch to CMYK mode to print items such as brochures and menus when white is not needed.
  • Optional dye sublimation, fluorescent, security and clear toner cartridge kits.
  • Lowest cost and most flexible machines available.
  • No maintenance associated with ink based machine is necessary, iColor® Digital Transfer Printers are toner based systems.
  • Large array of media available for virtually any project.
  • Easily swap back and forth between regular and specialty cartridges, eliminating the need to purchase separate machines to accomplish each function.

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