Have we found the cure for Equipment Buyers Anxiety?

Have we found the cure for Equipment Buyers Anxiety?

Monday, Jan 20, 2020 1 comment(s)

For many people, searching for new equipment can be a stressful, even intimidating process. Trying to find the perfect blend of Quality and Features to meet our production needs, not only today but for the next few years. While at the same time, still providing a great warranty, to give us peace of mind and at a price point that doesn’t break our budget.

If this isn’t confusing enough, it seems at every corner, someone is recommending something different, or trying to up sell, pressuring us to spend money to buy bigger, better or faster, in case we outgrow our equipment. What will we do?

At Kolormatrix Super Store, we believe equipment buying should be a fun adventure that’s end results, yields you years of profitable productivity. So, we built a series of value-added benefits that can help minimize the most common buyer anxieties

First common anxiety
“What if my business outgrows the production capabilities of my new equipment and I need a faster dryer, larger press, better exposure unit, etc?”

No, worries. Upgrading your equipment is painless with our Guaranteed Trade in value, on any new equipment that you purchase from us. All the parts must be there, and everything must be in operational condition or trade in value will vary. But otherwise we will inspect, clean and refurbish as needed for quick resale in our showroom.
1st year 80% of invoiced price
2nd year 70% of invoiced price
3rd year 60% of invoiced price

Second common anxiety
 “Am I getting a great deal on this equipment?”

Everyone wants a great deal but many of us don’t like haggling. We simplified the negotiating process, between our huge selection of in stock equipment, that you can pick up today and our $9.95 flat rate shipping, to commercial addresses. This value-added combo is next to impossible to beat, No bait and switch, offer a up front discount here and inflated shipping charges over here, to take it back. Just a great deal from step one, BUT if you do find a better DELIVERED price, we will match it! And you still get our guaranteed trade in value.

Third common anxiety
“Is this the right equipment for my shop & budget?”

We can help making an educated decision easier. Our Atlanta showroom is slammed with variety, over 60 different pieces from 4 different manufacturers.

We also, stock multiple tiers for each piece of equipment. For example, 8 different models of flash cures are on display, ranging from basic 16x16 for $395 to 18”x24” H.O. Auto Flash for $2,800. Allowing you to compare side by side the full range of features and benefits and make Your own Educated Decision, to find the perfect piece that meets your production needs and budget.

Stop by our Atlanta Showroom and find out for yourself, why our goal to deliver the BEST VALUE has earned us the #1 Dealer status in Southeast for 3 different equipment lines, Anatol, Blackline Mfg & Vastex. We are also the premier dealer for AWT / American equipment in the southeast.

Combine these valued-added benefits with Kolormatrix’s Highest Rated Technical Training Center in the Southeast offering hands on Class for beginners and experienced screen printers alike. Including 1 day 101 Learn the Basics, 3 day Pro Screen printing, 2 Day Creating Dynamic Artwork with Adobe Illustrator and 5 Day Art to Press Premier Class. Hopefully you can see why, we are rated #1 by so many manufacturers and customers alike.

Too far to drive, give us a call 800-935-2121 and we will be happy to walk you through the equipment lines.

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