Whether it is heading the soccer team or going out for a family week, custom printed T-shirts can be quite fun, but here’s the deal. With technology and supplies upgrading at a rapid speed, screen printing ink suppliers in Atlanta, GA come across multiple customers or small-time business owners eagerly wanting to get their hands on the best value in screen printing products in the industry. However, finding the right ink or the accessories can be tricky. We have summed up all your screen printing dilemmas into 4 basic questions that you need to ask before you take the plunge!

Do you want a manual or automatic machine? If you’re looking at a small-time business, the manual should be your go-to machine, but here’s why professional screen printers heavily rely on automatic machines. As the name suggests, an automatic screen printing machine does not need manual labor. You can decrease operating costs while increasing production rate up to 10x or more, while also improving consistency in the quality from print to print. However, a manual machine is the most popular for start ups and quite cost-effective as compared to an automatic. It all comes down to ROI for your investment and your projected growth rate for the first 4 years.

How many stations colors do you want? Before you make the final purchase, you have to decide on the number of maximum colors you plan on printing on to a shirt at one time. Top rated Southeast screen printing ink suppliers recommend you opt for a machine that has 4 to 6 colors, in some cases relying heavy on the fashion market, 8 or 10 color presses have value added. The number of colors or stations in your machine will depend on the market you are focused on and the more colors you choose will directly reflect on the time needed to, set up, print and reclaim the job after printing.

There are other important questions too that might need clarity. If your budget allows, You want to buy for not only today but for the next 2 to 3 years. For instance, are you fine with a tabletop machine or do you want a standalone? What is the maximum number for colors your customer base will ask for. Is the dryer size strong enough to handle the production you are looking to achieve, this is a common choke point in shops as they grow. They can print faster then the dryer can cure, so production is bottle necked waiting for room on the dryer belt. The list goes on. Nevertheless, you should only finalize the deal once you’ve cleared all your doubts with one of our friendly screen printing specialists.