Customizing T-shirts, like the way you want, is no longer a dream! Using different printing techniques, you can provide astonishing designs to customers as per their taste and preferences. KolorMatrix, the best digital heat transfer printer supplier, organizes t-shirt printing workshops that help you take your business to the next level. Here you can learn various t-shirt printing techniques, that we have mentioned below:

Screen Printing Technique When you want quality, screen printing is an amazing technique to get the finest prints on t-shirts. Though the method is old, still many prefer it, as it offers long-lasting designs with vibrant colors. For this technique, you need polyester mesh to hold the template or stencil in place to get the design by spreading ink thru the screen.

Plastisol Screen Printing Technique Using screen printing, you transfer plastisol instead of dye to screens to print on T-shirts in the Plastisol screen printing technique. Plastisol can leave a soft hand or a very heacy vinyl feel on t-shirts depending on the printing variable used, mesh count, stencil thickness, print speed, etc. The print holds fine details and lasts forever. If you are looking for Plastisol screen printing ink suppliers, you can directly approach the Kolor Matrix.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Technique A special soft cloth, Teflon sheet, kraft paper, etc is needed for heat transfer vinyl technique. First, you have to cut different shapes to transfer them to the fabric via a heat press. This way, you transfer one color of the image to a the shirt at a time. This technique works best when you want to print small graphics on t-shirts. Also, to cut the different shapes, you have to use a vinyl cutter, Cricut, Silhouette, Graphtec, etc. When the best digital heat transfer printer supplier is hovering on your mind, connect with Kolormatrix and check out the Uninet iColor Color Transfer printer.

As per your specific needs, select the best printing technique for your business. Also, make sure to keep customers’ preference in mind before getting started with the prints.