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Anatol Double Decker Manual Press

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Anatol Double Decker Manual Press

Available Models

  • 10 color 6 station
  • 12 color 6 station
  • 14 color 8 station
  • 16 color 10 station

Super Heavy Duty Press

Slide Style rubber topped Aluminum Pallets

Micro-registration and Off Contact


Anatol Double Decker Premium Grade Manual Press

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Optimal Manual Press Performance
* 3-Point micro-registration
* Rubber coated aluminum pallet
* Side screen clamps
* 100% tool-less setup
* Compatible with ARME Pre-Registration system
* Laser Alignment System Standard

The Double Decker Manual Press is a Super Heavy Duty Industrial Grade manual press designed for Constant High-demand screen printing. The most durable manual press on the market. It is the perfect complement to any facility as a sampling or production machine.

Double Decker is available following configurations

10 color 6 station

12 color 6 station

14 color 8 station

16 color 10 station

The Double Decker manual press is easy to set up and simple to use. Both carousels have a top and bottom bearing to give you easy movement through out the day. Those looking to increase production in their shop should consider an automatic entry level screen printing machine. 

Standard Features


Gauged Three Point Micro-registration. 
The movement on our registration is a fine thread lead screw design. The movement is adjustable on three points. Front to Back, Side to Side and Rotational. The gauge is designed to be similar to the way your separations line up with each other. The lock on our micro-registration is independent of the movement. That means when you have your screen registered where you want it, it doesn't move when you lock it.

Side Screen Clamps to provide the maximum in stability.
Side Screen Clamps eliminate your screens from wiggling out of registration during the lift and lower while printing.

Off contact and screen pitch
Adjustments are located on each print head for full control of the screens off contact while staying parallel to the pallets.

Equipment Design and Construction
Double bearing registration locks to ensure the utmost print quality when running multi-color jobs.

Superior Tubular steel
Pallet arms, heavy-duty steel frame and roller bearings to support quick and smooth operation.

100% welded cantilever pallet arm to carousel system provides ultimate pallet arm support, eliminating flexing or twisting of the pallets during printing. It's important that the pallets are unyielding to the screen printing squeegee pressure when printing.

100% tool-less setups and operation

Ergonomically engineered to be user-friendly

Two-year limited warranty


16" x 22" rubber coated aluminum screen printing pallets

Laser Alignment System, 4 points

Quick release or Slide Style pallet change system

Adjustable side screen clamps

Four-point pallet leveling system

Swivel feet on screen clamps to prevent movement while tightening

Thunder Optional Features
Slide-style pallet system (no charge)

Air screen clamps

Back screen clamps (no charge)

Jacket hold down pallets

Youth and Sleeve pallets

Vacuum pallet

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