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Permaset Super Glow Ink
  • Permaset Super Glow Ink
  • Permaset Super Glow Ink
  • Permaset Super Glow Ink
  • Permaset Super Glow Ink
  • Permaset Super Glow Ink

Permaset Super Glow Ink


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Permaset Aqua SupercoveR Glow Fluorescent Ink

Using advanced polymer technology in PERMASET SUPERCOVER GLOW (these inks do NOT Glow in the dark) Fluorescent, Colormaker has created a water-based screen printing ink that provides unsurpassed color opacity on the darkest fabrics, while maintaining minimal hand. Available in 8 Glow Colors and SUPERCOVER Print Paste.

PERMASET SUPERCOVER First Down White is designed as an opaque under-base for over-printing. The under-base also improves adhesion and rub-resistance of the top layer.

PERMASET SUPERCOVER is ideal for printing on: | Dark Toned Fabrics | Natural and Synthetic Fibers |

Rub Resistance: Strong



Heat cure

Monofilament polyester 110-225 tpi

Stencil Type:
Must be water resistant, fully dried and fully cured

Clean Up:

Increase Screen Open Time:
Add 1-3% PERMASET Print Retarder

T-shirts, flags, banners, sports and fashion wear, scarves, swimwear, upholstery and window furnishings, yardage, cushions, table and bed linen, tea towels and tote bags

Fabrics: Cotton, cotton-polyester blends and most synthetic fabrics

Accessories: PERMASET Print Retarder, PERMASET Fabric Softener, PERMASET Puff Paste, SUPERCOVER Print Paste and Fabric Swatch Book


SUPERCOVER WHITE is our premium opaque white. It has the highest levels of titanium dioxide pigment and binder for use on dark coloured fabrics. Excellent opacity in a water-based ink!

FIRST DOWN WHITE is used as an under-base or flash white by Trade printers who wish to print on dark fabrics but use regular Aqua colours to retain their superior softness and vibrancy. Normally used only with multi-station print facilities.

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