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Pink Haze Dehaze, Degreaser & Abraider
  • Pink Haze Dehaze, Degreaser & Abraider
  • Pink Haze Dehaze, Degreaser & Abraider

Pink Haze Dehaze, Degreaser & Abraider


  • - Brand: Kolormatrix
  • - Product Code: ECO7000
  • - Availability: In Stock
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Premium Super Thick Dehaze, Degreaser and abraider


Product Description

Pink Haze is a super thick dehazer and degreaser that works on all types of screen inks. The thick paste formulation of Pink Haze allows the product to spread easier than most products. This ability to spread and flow permits Pink Haze to more efficiently enter the mesh knuckles with less effort and time. Pink Haze begins to “work” on contact to remove ghost image stains, fabric oils, and residues that will interfere with the emulsion coating. The low foaming formulation requires less time to rinse and reduces the chance of residual chemicals being left on the screen. Using Pink Haze will properly prepare your screen for emulsioncoating and help reduce issues such as fish-eyes and pin-holes.


• Non-caustic formula is safe for workers

• Spreads easily and works faster than pink pastes

• Excellent for degreasing & wetting fabrics

• Low foaming for fast and easy rinsing

• Starts to “work” on contact

• Safe on mesh

• Biodegradable and drain safe

• Low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound)

• Ideal for new fabric

• Great cherry scent

Recommended Inks

Plastisol, U.V. & Solvent


Step 1: Use a non-abrasive pad or brush to apply to both sides of the screen.

Step 2: Scrub both sides of the screen. 

Step 3:   Depending on the screen condition, let Pink Haze set up to 10 minutes on the screen.

Step 4: Using High-Pressure Water, rinse from side to side, starting at the bottom to top. Don't be afraid to get the pressure wand close  (1" to 3") to the stubborn stain areas

Step 5: Repeat, if needed to remove stubborn stains.

Step 6: Rinse Thoroughly from Top to Bottom, being certain to remove all chemical residue. 

Step 7: Allow the screen to dry thoroughly and you are ready to coat the screen with emulsion.


Appearance: Thick Pink Paste
Odor: Cherry
pH: .8.5 
Rinsability: Excellent 
Specific Gravity: 1.02
Weight, per gallon: 8.5 lbs.
Stability: Stable
DOT Shipping: Non-hazardous

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